Eyes here! Read this to avoid being used by people




CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you been in a relationship, may it be with friends or your partner wherein you feel—used?

It happens to any kind of relationship when they start asking too many favors and go missing when you need an extra hand.

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Here are some red flags that you should look out for when you feel like you are just being used:

Often benefits their side— they keep on asking for favors. If this happens to you, this is your first sign that they don’t really take you as someone who they want to be with, but just someone, they need for the meantime.

Saying “No” is not an option— they make you feel afraid to say no. They make it feel like if you say no you are not being real or one with them. Say no, if you feel like saying no, no buts.

Calls late— if you are in a “relationship” with someone who you like and they only call you late at night to hang out, they don’t mean long talks with you about life, they simply want to use you for casual hookups. Don’t allow this to happen.

Empty apologies— yes, they apologize but it is no use really. They tend to just say “sorry” for the heck of it and not mean it. They would just go back to black and do things that hurt you anyway.

They don’t listen— when you share something to them you are just like talking to a rock. They don’t mind you speaking because they simply don’t care.

Read back and think about it, have you ever felt like these things happened to you.

Are you going to allow these things to happen to you or you now know better? /dbs

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