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Chateau by the Sea ‘revamps’ services for guests’ safe, enjoyable, stress-free stay

By: - February 01, 2021

FOR the hospitality industry, service is undeniably their main product as they strive to bring entertainment and comfort to every guest.

Stress-busting leisure activities, mouth-watering dining entrees, and relaxing stays are some of the services enjoyed by the guests.

But because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that reshaped the way we do business, the hospitality industry has been recalibrated to fit safety guidelines.

Chateau by the Sea stepped up its game in offering its services so guests can continue enjoying without having to worry too much about their safety.


Revamping services did not come easy for Chateau by the Sea because it had to temporarily close as ordered by the government during the initial part of the lockdown.

And just like the majority of other businesses, it struggled to keep the operation afloat.

But how did Chateau hurdle such challenging times?

According to Managing Director, Olivia Dizon, COVID was an eye-opener for them, pushing them to rethink and recalibrate their ways as they try to maneuver the unpredictable currents brought by this pandemic.

“The main struggle we experienced during the onset of the pandemic is the uncertainty as to when we can re-open because lives are depending on us,” said Dizon.

The pandemic, while it instilled fear in everyone, challenged them to be more creative and to think out of the box, and use the technology they have to get back on their feet.

Chateau by the Sea offered a new stream of services that’s guest-centric and personalized, allowing visitors to attain ultimate relaxation while staying at the resort.

Guests can now stay in their 14 spacious rooms, have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at their in-house restaurant, or have coffee at the Waves Restaurant while gazing over the turquoise waters of the Mactan Channel.

Previously, a catering service needs to be outsourced, now, its restaurant can accommodate banquet meals and dining customers who wish to try their menu.

But to take a closer look, the resort has been doing more than just revamping its service. It also created a closer connection with its staff who, according to Dizon is the backbone of any business.

“We keep an open communication with our employees, even before the pandemic, to encourage them to do better amidst the new normal situation. It is undeniable that more than the physical demands of their duties, it is the mental demands that is very critical during these times. They risk their lives everyday facing an invisible enemy just so they can give the best service to our guests and support their families,” said Dizon.

Support and Communication

While worrying about keeping operations afloat, Chateau by the Sea saw to it that their employees were also taken care of, creating new means and products to push sales.

“Our employees have become our family. They turn to us when they need help, especially on the financial aspect. We worried about how we can support them when our source of income has stopped and some clients have asked for refunds,” said Dizon.

“It is very important to build a good relationship with your employees, not only during these trying times, because they are the ones on the floor working and risking their lives. They can make or break your business and apart from the products we offer, it is the sincerity and warmth of our staff that makes a compelling difference for our guests. If our staff are happy with their jobs, it will show in the quality of their work,” Dizon said.

Chateau by the Sea has always been known as the best venue for intimate gatherings and events in Mactan; with their revamp, the resort will continue to deliver the same type of service to its guests | Contributed Photo

They have also created a Viber group to give other small food businesses a platform to sell products and food choices because during these times “It is not just ‘every man for himself,’ but a time to help one another, ”  Dizon added.

It is during these times when hotels and businesses go the extra mile to help one another, discarding competition as they join hands to tide over this crisis.

A new brand of service

With the health and satisfaction of their guests as an utmost concern, visitors will have peace of mind the moment they step inside the property as health protocols are also stringently being followed.

Its customized type of service puts Chateau by the Sea at the head of its game, ensuring health and safety for its guests, all the while giving them privacy and heartfelt service– something vacationers aim for when traveling or relaxing.

“For us, business means family. We take pride in saying that ever since we treat our employees and guests as our family. This mentality has helped us give a professional yet warm and familiar brand of service. Also, this has helped our employees continue working with us despite the daily challenges of their work,” she said.

Chateau by the Sea celebrates milestones like a true family whose triumphs would not be possible if it were not for all the employees who tirelessly work.

Their new type of “customized” service for guests allows them to experience a whole new level of hospitality. If you want “Adobo” for breakfast, Chateau will do it for you, if you want dinner elsewhere in the property, they will arrange it for you.

Chateau by the Sea’s customized service ensures the continuous observance of social distancing measures and other health protocols mandated by the government in areas most frequented by guests.

“Every day, we are walking on eggshells while we strive to give the best service to our guests who are also worried for their safety,” Dizon said.

“Service is going the extra mile and ensuring that safety protocols are observed on top of the expected standards of hospitality service,” Dizon added.

As they stay connected to the community’s culture of hospitality, Chateau by the Sea is committed to bringing Cebuanos even closer through their service that is purposely designed for everyone.

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