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What you need to know about the 5 languages of love

How do we know that someone loves us? How do they show it?

Love manifests in different ways. It also has languages that we need to know. 

Imagine if someone talks to us in a language that we do not know, how are we going to understand them?  It would be vague and probably would create a barrier or misinterpretations between them. 

Just like love, we speak different languages when we want to express it.

Many people got misinterpreted with their actions maybe because of these languages.  These will help you find ways to understand them and most importantly, to create a stronger bond with them.

It is essential to know the love language of your loved ones, for you to fathom their act of love. Sometimes it takes time but with love, there is nothing impossible.

Here are the languages of love that Gary Chapman enumerated in his book, The Five Love Languages. He came up with this to help revive broken marriages and relationships. 

Words of Affirmation

The saying, “the sweetest of all sound is praise” is indeed true to some. A compliment means a thousand words for them. A mere saying of, “You look good today” or “I feel so lucky to have you” means a lot. These words of compliments coming from the person they love motivate and touch them. 

The tongue can also be a weapon to hurt feelings. If your loved one caused you pain, convert anger with forgiveness. Reciprocate anger with understanding and compassion. 

Quality Time 

Spending quality time with our partner, family and friends would strengthen the bond between parties. It is the time when we can vent out all our worries, thoughts, feelings, and desires in life. And this could help lessen the pieces of baggage we have.

People with this love language prefer the sense of togetherness by just listening to them or engaging in an activity that both parties would enjoy.


A gift is a remembrance and a symbol of love. Some people have this kind of love language. You can make them feel important by giving gifts–a flower, chocolate or just the gift of self. By just being present carries a great weight of happiness to them.

Acts of Service

In everything you do, you do it with love. If you know that your loved one’s love language is an act of service, helping him or her would be much appreciated. Small deeds imply care and love for them, in turn, would be loved a thousand folds.

Physical Touch

Touching implies comfort and assurance that everything is fine. One can feel an overflowing love by holding them. According to Gary Chapman, physical touch can make or break the relationship and it can also communicate hate or love.


The keyword here is understanding. If we just listen and recognize these love languages everything will run smoothly in a relationship. This can be a remedy to a relationship on its last leg. 

Now, can you identify what love language/s you speak?


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