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What is your love language?



CEBU CITY, Philippines — Some people are not as vocal as others.

They tend to do other things to make their special someone feel special, other than uttering words which sometimes are not even true. Ooops.

This is what a love language is.

A love language is your own way of showing that you love and care for someone, your way.

Giving gifts— it does not have to be lavish or big, just a simple gift that would remind both of you why you started to be together and decided to stay through the years.

Time and attention— this is by far the best love language you can give to your someone. Giving time for them to do things together and pay attention to how they are doing and what you can do to better things out is the best there is to give.

Physical touch— some would want to always be near you and hold your hand or give you random hugs just to let them know that you are special to them.

Efforts— effort in preparing you a special meal, or it can be a simple effort of just picking you up from work and treat you with a surprise from time to time. Efforts would also mean going an extra mile for your partner or by mere the fact of being there when he or she needs you.

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Reassurance— by saying how much this person means to you from time to time will better your stance as a couple. Some would like to simply just use words of affirmation to let their special someone feel how they genuinely feel about them.

There are many more love languages in the world.

Some are even unique that only they can understand, cute right?

You, what is your love language? /dbs

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