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LOOK: The riverbank beauty of Hinulawan River, Toledo City

CEBU CITY, Philippines— This river in Toledo City first made headlines in 2019.

It gained its popularity when people started enjoying and taking quick dips in it.

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This is the famous Hinulawan River in Barangay Illihan, Toledo City.

The river runs under the New Illihan Bridge, which makes it more enticing for people to take a quick dip in its waters.

But aside from the refreshing goodness that the river can give to people, it also has a breathtaking view where one can enjoy by just lounging around and marvel at nature.

Netizen Jerlon Layon shared on his Facebook account some photos of the riverside beauty of the Hinulawan River.

According to Layon, the place is perfect for a photo shoot, or for some quick detox from the city life and enjoy the sound of the waters and the sound of nature.

From the drop off point in barangay Illihan, it will take you around 10 to 15 minutes of walk to get to the vast and green riverside.

Here are some of his shots that would make you want to be in this place at this very moment.


A reminder to everyone who would want to explore this beauty in Toledo City, to never leave any trace behind.

Clean as you go and do not, in any form vandalize the location.

Enjoy its beauty and share it with the world.


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