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Truths about gents


CEBU CITY, Philippines — Have you ever played that game “Two truths and a lie”?

It usually is best played with drinks involved to make it more fun, challenging, and real.

But in this article there will be no lies included, only truthful facts about the gents.

Ladies and gentlemen, mostly the gentlemen, buckle up and we start knowing the real deal behind those masculine looks.

They don’t share everything– if they do, it means they need to share it. If they share information about their lives and how it’s going it is not to make small conversations, but it is to take some of the load off that they have been carrying. If your men don’t really talk about their past or what they want in the future, that’s fine, you don’t want them to share something half meant, would we?

Pretends not to care– they try and make it look like they don’t give a crap, but believe me, they do. Give them space and time and they will always show in ways they can to make it up to you or to show that they really do care.

They don’t judge, they listen– men are good listeners although most of the time it seems like they don’t listen to a word we say. Most of the time they don’t react the way we want to because they really want to weigh things to avoid drama and confusion.

Takes most responsibility– they may look like goofballs often, but they have a lot of things they feel responsible for. One of which is their family, their mothers, fathers, siblings, and then their you, his partner. Take it easy when he takes a break from all these, let him be, he already has a lot on his plate. Nag later.

Not all flirt– not everyone’s a jock, oops! Not all gents flirt just for the hang of it. Most men are actually out there looking for someone who they can connect to and spend time with, talk, laugh, and go on adventures.

Give men some credit for being really patient with everything that has been going on with their lives and still gives some love to their partners. Good job, gents! /rcg




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