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Transwoman a proud mother of twins #WomensMonth

Roxam and her family.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Family.

A short but powerful word.

When the word family comes to play we all think of the people we love and the people dear to us.

In this story, you will get to know a family with a not-so-ordinary mother.

Meet Roxam delos Santos, 31, a transwoman and a mother of twins.

Delos Santos, from barangay Suba, Cebu is the loving mother of one-year-old twins, Princess Maria Bettlylie and Prince Rodolf.

It has been her long-time dream to have kids of her own and raise it with her partner, Aljun Karl Ocanda.

“Dugay nako nqa decide mo adopt of babies gi paabot lang nako ma sex change and also to be stable so at least maka hatag q sa needs sa akong babies with all honesty this is my dream nga ma transmother,” she said.

It was in 2019 when the couple decided to make opt for adoption and worked on all the needed papers and documents.

Growing up, Delos Santos used to join pageants and competitions and now she is providing for her family with her small beauty salon business.

Read more: https://‘Maton’ from Brgy Suba, Cebu City proud father of two transwomen

She admitted that transitioning was hard for her physically and emotionally, but it was even harder for her to transition to become a transmother.

“The hardest part of being a transmom is to accept being a transmother. Nga you yourself have to accept who you are, but I accept it with all my heart kay kbw ko this is my dream to be a parent,” she added.

Delos Santos said that things will only get harder along the way, but all she needs are her children, her partner, and her family to get her by.

She may not be the typical mother we all know, but no matter what her gender orientation is, it is best believed that Delos Santos will come out as a good and loving mother to her adopted children. /rcg

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