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Here are the signs that you are doing great


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CEBU CITY, Philippines— More often than not, we give ourselves a little credit for our success.

We often think that we are still too far from achieving big goals and look past the small victories that brought us this far.

Today, let us start our week by reminding ourselves of our little victories and remind ourselves we are all doing better than we think.

Bills are paid

If you get to pay your bills no matter the circumstance, that right there is worth a pat on the shoulder.

Not all can manage to pay their bills on a regular basis and here you are, maybe struggling to get there, but you did. Good job!

Don’t have to worry about meals

If you can get along a day without having to worry about your next meal, that considers yourself blessed. Not all can have three decent meals a day. Be thankful for this blessing.

You know better

Believe it or not, you are not the same person from a year ago. You are better now, you know better and will do better. Keep going.

Experienced and overcome hardships

It may be a simple hurdle along the way, but if you managed to get past it, then you pass that test, proceed to the new adventure, better and wiser.  Don’t you dare stop now.

A team

If you have a team like your family, partner, friends who support you all the way, consider yourself blessed beyond measure. Some days you may feel alone, but remember, you have a team backing you up. You are not alone.

In order to achieve our greatest dreams and goals in life, we have to know how to celebrate small victories and know that we are doing better and that we can do better.

You are just starting, keep going, push harder and celebrate your achievements no matter how small they are.

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