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Lugaw, anyone?

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Lugaw has been one of the trending topics in the Philippines today.

Questions were raised on whether or not lugaw is essential.

But in this story let us appreciate the lugaw made by one of Cebu’s talented and skiklful artists, Lyk Mae Aya-ay.

No, she did not cook lugaw.  Instead, she made a cuter version from felt paper.

Aya-ay has been making rounds online last year as she shared her miniature works made of polymer clay.

This time she played with felt paper and made a very small and appetizing version of the lugaw that we all love to eat.

“It took me around five hours, but normally it does not take that long. I was just doing it while I was also doing some things at home,” she said.

She has been doing miniature felt paper art for quite some time now and wanted to make a new one to rekindle her love for making this kind of an art.  / dcb


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