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How to pass the Gen Z vibe check

Here are some ways to know if you’re a vibin’ Gen Z

By: - April 23, 2021

Born in the age of modern technology, Gen Z-ers and the teenagers of 2021 have rightfully taken over the social media world — introducing new trends, a culture, and a dominance of new hip terms.

Now that we have seem to figure out millennials, here comes today’s teens who are tech-savvy, socially aware, and very visual. They’re always on the go and connected to one or all of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

They simply learn the ins and outs of the technology that shapes our lives today, which is why most Gen Z-ers are either brand influencers, social media drivers, or pop culture leaders.

But the hype doesn’t end there, with the conveniences of this fast paced life, the Gen Z and the younger millennials are the most confident, quick and smart generation of our time, no cap!

If you’re wondering how to spot a Gen Z or how to pass their vibe check, we made a list of some ways you can tell them apart from the millennials and ways you can be one of them (Yeah! age doesn’t matter, right?).

They’re always up-to-date with the latest trends

@kayealfafaraCome and visit SM Seaside’s Skypark Summer Wonderland! Dc: @rchmnd16 #SMSeaside #SeasideSummerStories #fyp♬ original sound – JRBITZ

There’s no stopping the internet age and once a Gen Z has access to it, the possibilities are limitless!

The world is their stage and they can do anything with it —  even dance on the sidewalk just for their next TikTok content.

So now if you see a group or someone dancing in front of a camera or filming using their cell phone on selfie mode, you have spotted a Gen Z.

Don’t be shookt when one of these days, you’ll see people coming up to SM Seaside City Cebu’s Summer Wonderland to find their perfect spot just to dance and make content with friends.


‘Creative’ is their middle name and they are passionate for anything art

Go Lokal, Love Lokal Wall located at the Upper Ground Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

From making mini illustrations using Procreate to painting from a ceramic pot they always find ways to make simple things, extra bomb!

Just because Gen Z-ers are always online, this doesn’t mean they don’t look for creative outlets outside and off-screen.

Contrary to many beliefs, teens nowadays actually enjoy spending their free time journaling, painting, or practicing their photography skills.

And this summer’s going to be lit for them because the Go Lokal Love Lokal mural is set up as well as the things we love to do in Cebu in one creative, colorful and gigantic mural located at the Upper Ground Floor, Cube Wing.


Tbh, Gen Z-ers are all about the current technology

3rd Floor, Cyberzone SM Seaside City Cebu

Gen Z teens both love being face-to-face with their friends and family but they’re also a generation who loves to face their screens and play video games all day and when they are not doing that they’re chit chatting online with their friends on their next gaming quest.

Since they’re born in the digital era, these teens have mastered their gaming habits and learned to multi-task with school or work to find the perfect balance of life.

So to get into the latest Gen Z technology and see what new games are hip and wack, different games and accessories are available at the 3rd Floor, Cyberzone SM Seaside City Cebu.


They protect what they love, especially the environment

Rare Catmon Trees found at 3rd Floor, The Skypark Garden, SM Seaside City Cebu (Photo by: Philip Rodriguez)

Saving the environment is a big deal for all Gen Z — because they want to protect their home. That’s simply what they want in order for them to continuously explore, travel, learn and give the same opportunity to their future kids.

Gen Z-ers go for the CEO of earth-friendly choices instead of the ‘sus’ (suspicious).

They’ll always look and support a brand who is “do-good” and if you see them at SM Seaside, you already know it — Take a quick nature walk around The Skypark and see rows of rare Catmon Trees lining the Skypark garden!

SM Seaside City Cebu is strictly implementing strict sanitation protocols and strict social distancing apart from crowd control management. Watch the video below to find out more:


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  • FREE MYBUS RIDES – Ride a Mybus for free from BDO Fuente – SM Seaside and vice versa from 8:20am – 10:00PM
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  • FREE CAR PARKING – Park your cars for free from 8AM – 11PM at any of their multi-level parking areas.

Have an #AweSM Summer discovering your Gen Z side at SM Seaside City Cebu and don’t forget to follow SM Seaside City Cebu (Official) on Facebook and @smseasidecitycebu on Instagram to get the latest updates on exclusive deals and more!


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