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What to expect in Kawasan reopening

What to expect in Kawasan reopening

In this 2013 photo, tourist capture the moment in Kawasan falls in Badian town.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – One of Cebu’s most popular tourist destinations, Kawasan Falls, is set to reopen any time soon, approximately a year since it was closed due to threats of COVID-19.

Kawasan Falls, located in Badian town, southwestern Cebu, will welcome guests starting May 1, 2021, a few months after the Capitol issued a new set of guidelines for the tourism industry that included allowing swimming and other activities in waterfalls.

But like all tourist destinations and establishments, it is still subject to regulations and health protocols to ensure the safety of guides, workers, and guests.

Below are some things every traveler bound to Kawasan Falls must take note of before hitting the road.

1. Limited Number of Guests

The Capitol’s Executive Order (EO) No. 13, signed and issued by Governor Gwendolyn Garcia on February 19, ordered that only a maximum of five guests, accompanied by two trained guides, are allowed to visit waterfalls at a time.

As a result, officials advised future guests to coordinate with the local government of Badian or book directly at the Capitol’s tourism portal at

2. No Food, No Smoking

Guests planning to bring food in their trips to Kawasan Falls and any other waterfalls in the province must reconsider this decision.

EO No. 13 of the provincial government, as well as EO No. 10 of the local government of Badian, has prohibited the selling and bringing of foods within the vicinity of the waterfall area.

More specifically, Badian’s EO stated that bringing of food will not be allowed in the ‘first, second levels, and sping’ of Kawasan Falls.

“Foods will be served only at the area before the second bridge,” it added.

Smoking is also not allowed.

3. Kawasan Falls’ ‘day-off’

Aside from the above-mentioned restrictions and regulations, tourists must also take note that the Capitol has ordered caretakers of all waterfalls in the province to schedule a once-a-week clean-up and maintenance in the area.

This meant that there will be a day wherein Kawasan will be off-limits to the public to pave way for clean-up initiatives.

Badian is a 3rd class municipality located 104.2 kilometers southwest of Cebu City.

Kawasan Falls has been a growing tourist attraction, especially with canyoneering tours and other water-themed outdoor activities.

Downstream, the water coming from the three-layered falls flows to the Matutinao River and traversing across a secluded canyon where canyoneering activities usually take place.



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