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Moving on and Moving Forward: Lakbay Lokal Expo

Moving on and Moving Forward: Lakbay Lokal Expo

With a cure in sight and vaccines being rolled out in various parts of the globe, we can’t help but also wish for travel restrictions to already be lifted anytime soon.

As we adapt to the new normal and as the country emerges from lockdowns, we surely can’t wait to pack our bags, prepare our itinerary and head over to the airports for a memorable trip. 

And while some borders in the country remain close for the time being, the government is now focusing its efforts on the revival of local tourism activities.

To help domestic tourists prep for their next local travel and as part of Governor Gwen Garcia’s initiative to promote Cebu’s tourism and spur economic growth in the province, the Cebu Provincial Government together with SM Seaside City Cebu launched the Lakbay Lokal a one-stop travel and tourism expo.

The expo was launched on April 29 and will continue until May 9, 2021.

Visit the Lakbay Lokal Expo at SM Seaside City Cebu.

During your visit, you can shop homegrown products and discover irresistible travel packages and essentials at this AweSM one-stop travel and tourism expo.

Located at the Mountain Wing Atrium of SM Seaside City Cebu, the expo features products coming from the different localities in Cebu clustered by district.

Here is a list of some of the exhibitors at the expo:


In District 1, you will find Carcar’s famous crispy Chicharon, Minglanilla’s quality Capiz shell products, Naga’s expertly made crafted paper miniature ships, San Fernando’s functional wooden crafts, Sibonga’s beautiful clay pots and Talisay City’s export-quality home and wooden decors.

  • Dierde Export Trading

Talisay City

Products: Table Top Fish Decòr, Basket, Wooden cutleries, Wooden coaster, Wooden Clock

  • Mat-Mat Chicharon

City of Carcar

Products: Chicharon, Banana Chips, Bocarillo, Ampao

  • Ann Handicrafts

San Fernando, Cebu

Products: Fruit Tray, Wooden Plate, Ladle, Wooden Bowl, Lechon Tray, Wooden Ref Magnet

  • Emily Rama

Sibonga, Cebu

Products: Clay Pots

  • PDL of Naga City Jail

City of Naga

Products: Paper Crafted Miniature Ships

  • Pia Julie Friberg

City of Naga

Products: Banana Cake

  • Aileen Cañete

City of Naga

Products: Paintings/Charcoal

  • Siony’s Capiz handicrafts

 Minglanilla, Cebu

Products: Capiz Shell Products (Candle Holder, Capiz Balls, Capiz Trays & Coasters, Chandelier and Windchimes, Hanging lamp & Diffusers)

  • Bon Ace / Metaje

Minglanilla, Cebu

Products: Souvenir Items

  • Jomara Management Inc.

Minglanilla, Cebu

Products: Plant Fertilizer (Bio-Compost, Coco Fiber, Coco Peat)

  • Ramcheschel bakeshop

Minglanilla, Cebu

Products: Hopia Assorted Flavors

  • Sandria’s delicious concept

Minglanilla, Cebu

Products: Barquillos, Barquiron, Otap, Patatas, Huevos



Cebuanos are really creative and resourceful, they can transform any natural resource from vegetables to root crops into a delicious delicacy or make high-quality crafts from simple materials like wood. From District 2 at the expo, you can expect Alcoy’s satisfying torta, Argao’s best Hablon, Boljoon’s tasty Squash Pancit Canton, Dalaguete’s flavorful tablea, Oslob’s fresh podrida, Samboan’s popular souvenirs and Santander’s flavorful piniato.

  • Aldwendhel S. Estella, Wyndilyn D. Vallejos, John Mark R. Villamor, Ramil O. Estella, John Lorenz S. Olmilla

Boljoon, Cebu

Products: Squash Pancit Canton, Handicraft Souvenir, Ref Magnet, Keychain

  • Alexander Gumapan, Nino Rollon

Oslob, Cebu

Products: Podrida, Bao-Bao, Keychains, Ref Magnet, Pen Holder, Card Holder

  • Nhecarl V. Minoza & Christel Rujin Maglalay

Argao, Cebu

Products: CTU- Hablon, Guilang’s Tableya, Jessies’s Homemade, Traditional Torta, Medics Turmeric, OJ’S Torta

  • Ryan Steve Belda, Jayvie Bryle Camilo

Alcoy, Cebu

Products: LA Jun F’S Torta, Lola Castan Tostado, Pentalcoy Handcrafts

  • Christine Martinez, Ryan James Gallano

Samboan, Cebu

Products: Local Delicacies, Woodcraft, Handicrafts Souvenirs, Key Chains, Magnets

  • Joanna J. Cesante, Process Amaya, Judito Flores, Balud Women’s Association

Dalaguete, Cebu

Products: Golden Real Tableya (200g and 100g), Torta, Tostado, Masa Podrida, Pickled Mixed Veggies, Assorted Coco Basket

  • Florejean Puntual, Rodan Culanibang

Santander, Cebu

Products: Tostado, Podrida, Piniato



When coming to Cebu, the international destinations are not the only thing the province has to offer! Checkout these affordable yet enticing food products starting from Asturias’ Whole Fruit Ground, Balamban’s Corn Coffee, Barili’s Tinapay De Barili, Toledo’s Bez Acre-Peanut Butter, Tuburan’s Roasted Coffee Beans and if you’re looking for an organic spray for your garden, head over to Pinamungajan’s Plant Sprays.

  • Rosendo Laya

Balamban, Cebu

Products: Calamansi Concentrate, Turmeric with Ginger Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Corn Coffee

  • Christine Mae Borja

Tuburan, Cebu

Products: Roasted Coffee Beans, Tuburan Drip Coffee

  • Trinidad Bubuli

Toledo, Cebu

Product: Bez Acre-Peanut Butter

  • Dona Roida

Barili, Cebu

Product: Tinapay De Barili, Cacao Nib Almond(Granola), Goats Milk, Almond Butter

  • Roselyn Sososco

Asturias, Cebu

Products: Calamansi Concentrate, Bingka, Asturias Whole Fruit Ground, Coffee, Therapeutic Clay

  • Yogi Ygay

Pinamungajan, Cebu

Products: Plant Spray, Hand Painted Papercrete, Basket made from Coco, Fiber Rope



When you hear the places of Bantayan, Bogo, Daanbantayan, Madridejos, Medellin, San Remigio, Sta. Fe, and Tabogon you already know that these are some of the best places for beach trips and nature adventures in Cebu! But did you know that these towns are also known for their Hipon Pinausbaw (Tabogon), Pan De Kabayo (Medellin), Scallops and Crabs (Madridejos), Hapaw basket (San Remigio), Shrimp and milkfish crackers (Daanbantayan), Hand Painted bags (Bogo), Assorted Buwad Products (Bantayan) and Flavored Peanuts (Sta Fe.)?

  • Municipality of Tabogon, Cebu

Products: Hapaw Basket, Peanut Products,Tabogon Achara, Hipon Pinausbaw, Polvoron from Banyan

  • Municipality of Medellin, Cebu

Products: Otap, Rosquillos, Patata, Nuevos, Pan De Kabayo

  • Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu

Products: Scallops, Crabs

  • Municipality of San Remigio, Cebu

Products: Hapaw Basket

  • Municipality of Daanbantayan, Cebu

Products: Rubics Cube Art, Eco Stuffed Toys and Keyholders, Crackers (Shrimp, Milkfish), Milkfish Biscuits, Wooden Thresher Shark

  • Nenita Bostonero

Bogo, Cebu

Products: ARAPAL Products: Turmeric Pure Powder, Ten Herbs, Chili Garlic Sauce, Chili Blast Appetizer, Goats Milk, Goats Cheese, Goats Soap, Honey Vinegar

  • Lesley Anne Jumao-as, Pino

Bogo, Cebu

Products: Hand Painted Bags

  • Perigrina Catampatan

Bogo, Cebu

Products: Pintos

  • Marites Amistoso

Bogo, Cebu

Products: Bukhayo sa Bagol

  • Nixon Monleon

Bogo, Cebu

Products: Banana Chips

  • Municipality of Bantayan, Cebu

Products:  Assorted Buwad products, Wab Bags, Medium Bags, Masapodrida

  • Municipality of Sta. Fe, Cebu

Products: Hanging Shell Craft, Spicy Dilis, Flavored Peanuts



We’re not done yet! At District 5, you will find more of Cebu’s staple pasalubong products including the famous Titay’s products from Liloan, smooth Coconut Wine especially known as Tuba from Borbon, sweet coconut balls from Catmon, exquisite pottery from Danao,  sumptuous camote products from Poro, ready made soli soli banig from San Francisco, delightful Bodbod Kabog from Sogod, and unforgettable cassava cookies from Tudela.

  • Municipality of Sogod, Cebu

Products: Plant Holder, Bodbod Kabog, Bodbod Pilit, Bibingka

  • Municipality of Catmon, Cebu

Products: Bodbod Kabog, Bibingka Kabog, Bibingka Humay, Suka, Coconut Balls

  • Municipality of Borbon, Cebu

Products: Tuba

  • Municipality of Liloan, Cebu

Products: Titay’s

  • Municipality of Danao, Cebu

Products: Pottery

  • Municipality of San Francisco, Cebu

Products: Soli Soli Banig

  • Municipality of Poro, Cebu

Products: Camotetap, Camotestiks, Baked Camote Polvoron, Coco Honey, Tablia Camotekies

  • Municipality of Tudela, Cebu

Products: Cassava Cookies, Tableya, Peanut Roll, Bagol Handicrafts, Banig



Not too far from the metro, you can also find Cebu’s famous Sarok, shell frames and butterfly decor frames from Consolacion and Cordova clustered together under District 6.

  • City of Consolacion

Product: Sarok, Erika’s Delight Hopia de Cebu & other delicacies, Cebu Dairy Fresh Milk & Choco Milk

  • Municipality Cordova, Cebu

Products: Shell Frames and Butterfly Decor Frames, Richard’s Boneless Danggit, Sukarat



Last but not the least, travel to District 7 of Cebu composed of Alcantara, Alegria, Badian, Dumanjug, Ginatilan, Malabuyoc, Moalboal and Ronda that offers more than just their majestic tourist attractions but also their remarkable local products starting with Alcantara’s Spicy Hipon, Alegria’s Turmeric products, Badian’s well-crafted banig, Dumanjug’s Bisayang Lechon Manok, Ginatilan’s Organic Herb and Spices, Malabuyoc’s Chili Garlic Oil, Moalboal’s Turtle Souvenirs and Ronda’s Humba De Ronda.

  •  Cley Garcia

Alcantara, Cebu

Products: Spicy Hipon, Torta, Homemade Sauces, Dreamcake, Bunsay nga Lubi, Carrot Cake and Banana Cake

  • Mayca Lim

Alegria, Cebu

Products: Turmeric Powder, Moringa Powder, Camote Candy, Turmeric Cookies, Turmeric, Rosquillos         

  • Ma. Gina Belocura

Dumanjug, Cebu

Products: Bisayang Lechon Manok, Sinamak sa Dumanjug, Tsokolate sa Sima, Mina’s Polvoron, Mama Loret’s Cookies

  • Ignacio Ondoy

Ginatilan, Cebu

Products: Palagsing, Takokong, Kinilis/ Luwag, Tinumpi/Sinakol, Organic Herb & Spices

  • Ivy Marie Taber

Malabuyoc, Cebu

Products: Bud-bud, Atsara, Plants, Turmeric, Chili Garlic Oil

  • Marechel Mercado

Moalboal, Cebu

Products: Turtle Souvenirs, Boat souvenirs, Snorkels, Face Mask, Flyer (Island Hopping, Accomodation, Establishments)

  • Municipality of Badian, Cebu

Product:  Banig

  • Jayrous Pesalbon

Ronda, Cebu

Products: Humba De Ronda, Lyzah Pure Sukang Vinegar, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Crush, Binangkal



Get dibs and shop on exclusive amazing deals with: Mataverse, Solea, ANJO World, Danasan Eco Park, Radisson Blu, Moalboal Divers Association and Kandaya Resort.

So, let’s head over to SM Seaside City Cebu, Mountain Wing Atrium now!

You have until May 9, 2021 to shop and avail of the exhibitors’ promo offers.

But while we celebrate lokal and support our local destinations, let us not forget to always follow health protocols to ensure a safe travel and create fun memories.

SM Seaside City Cebu is also implementing strict sanitation protocols at the expo. Watch the video below to find out more:


Do not miss this AweSM expo as we show our support and patronage to our local communities.

And don’t forget to also follow SM Seaside City Cebu (Official) on Facebook and @smseasidecitycebu on Instagram to get the latest updates on exclusive deals and more!

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