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Hardest part of growing up


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Life has a crazy way of teaching us lessons to help us get by.

When we were young, we just wanted the simple things in life–to have friends, play, go out, and not get scolded.

But as we grew older, we saw that there was much more to life.

We realized growing up required sacrifices. Some hard ones, some good ones.

These are some of them:

You lose people

When you start working for yourself, you can’t always expect to have the people in your glory days to be with you. You have to let some people, who don’t understand your energy anymore, go.

Your parents get older

As you work harder each day, you come home to aging parents. You come and think that do you have enough time to be with them? Are you working hard enough to give them the life they deserve?

Time is of the essence

You need to work fast on the things you want to achieve before times run you out.

Time with self seen as being selfish

If you spend some time with yourself, people will say you are childish or selfish just by taking a break. Don’t mind them, keep going and move on.

Expected to get it all together

People will expect you to get your act together no matter the weather. They will always give you a hard time just to let you know and feel you are sucking at getting your act straight. Trust your guts and work at your own pace.

Growing up is fun and exhausting, but finding the right balance to it all will make growing up worthwhile.


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