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An elevated classic Filipina look on Rabiya Mateo

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Since her Miss Universe stint began abroad, Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo has been showcasing amazing ensembles made by Filipino designers.

Ensembles that are trendy, sophisticated, and new.

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But this recent ensemble by the Filipino designer Paolo Miguel Jaafar screams classic beauty.

In a yellow dress with her hair down and yellow heels, Mateo resembles a “dalagang Filipina,” all thanks to the updated version of the classic “barong tagalog.”

In the post, Jaafar shared the inspiration behind his updated take on a classic Filipino ensemble.

“We drew inspiration from the classic barong tagalog. We wanted to translate the elegant feel of the embroidery into something more feminine and modern in a classic silhouette,” said the post.

Jafaar added that a queen can easily own this new look of the classic barong tagalog.

“A queen can elevate any classic dress with a good marriage of confidence and grace. That will make her look natural and equable,” said the designer.

True to his statement, Mateo elevated this classic look for the whole universe to see.


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