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Rabiya Mateo shares a lesson from her pool mishap

Photo from Rabiya Mateo’s IG account.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— From hips down, Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo was soaking wet after she fell into the swimming pool in one of her photoshoots.

This little mishap happened last week in Florida, USA.

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This could have been something to be pissed off about, given the hours of preparation, and not to mention the expensive jewelry she was wearing.

But instead of making a big deal about it, Mateo just laughed it off as she took a quick dip in the pool.

In her recent IG post, the Ilongga beauty queen shared the lesson she learned during the fall.

“Lesson from this photo: When life puts you in a bad situation, just make a joke out of it. This was my reaction few moments after I fell in the pool🤣😂,” Mateo captioned her post.

In the photo she posted, you can really see she was not in a bad mood after falling. One can see, though, that she was indeed living every moment of her Miss Universe journey.

Here are some of the comments of her fellow beauty queens in her recent post:


Also, in one of her IG stories, Mateo thanked all her fans and supporters as she reached 900,000 followers on Instagram.


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