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Give your parents some slack

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Parents are humans too.

If you feel like you have been very frustrated with your mom or your dad lately or for quite some time now, remember that before being parents, they are human beings too.

They may have been a little frustrating but try extending your patience a little more.

Here’s a few things to remind you that our parents need our understanding.

They make mistakes too

They may look like they know everything, but they make mistakes too. They, too, are learning the things in life. So try being understanding with them as you are to your friends and colleagues.

They get tired

Just like you, they get tired. But remember they get with trying to let ends meet and they get tired trying to give you a better future. It’s not about them anymore. Everything they do is for you. So don’t pressure them too much and try to give them time to rest and be themselves for a while.

They do not apologize

Not always but they don’t at times because they want to prove a point. But know that deep down, they don’t really mean to say hurtful things. They just say it to make us strong and help us keep moving forward.

They are controlling

For so long they have been doing all the things for the family. So, it is normal for them to control you and your decisions from time to time. Do not diss them. Rather, make them understand that as you grow up, you want to discover things on your own.

They also struggle

They may not say it or you may not see it but they sometimes face tough times. If they ask for your help, help them in any way you can. It is not very often that our parents ask us for help. See this as a blessing, because this time, you are now part of the solution.

Parents are humans too, never forget that. They may get on our nerves from time to time, but remember, we won’t be here without them.


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