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Skypod’s house helps tell all about Slater and Kryz as bosses

CEBU CITY, Philippines— “Walay arte.”

This is a common line Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s house helps Marlene and Jera  say in a recent vlog uploaded by Uy on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

In the vlog titled “Happy ba kayo sa SKYPOD? | YAYA Q&A,” her team asked two of her house helps some questions her followers have been wanting to hear.

“Ang inyong pinaka requested nga video, today we are gonna be doing a Yaya Q&A,” said Uy.

Marlene and Jera, together with Doreen, are the Skypod’s house help we often see in Uy’s vlogs.

Jera focuses on Scottie, while Marlene and Doreen attend to other household chores.

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Doreen was not in the video as she was taking care of Scottie during the shoot.

In the video, you will not just get to know the house helps but also the type of people and “amo” the Youngs are.

“Natural lang, simple lang sila, kasi sila ma’am simple lang sila, hindi sila katulad ng iba, na yung celebrity talaga ang dating,”

They continued by saying how Uy is such a hassle-free boss at home.

“Way hassle, kanang wa gyud, di ka ka kuan ana niya nga sugo-on ka, kung kaya niya, siyay mo buhat,” they said.

Marlene also shared that there was this incident that she accidentally broke the Hermes plate of the Youngs.

To her surprise, she was not scolded, or worse yelled at by the Youngs. Rather, the Youngs simply talked to her about the incident and moved on.

Living with a couple, a lot of helpers have had their first-hand experiences when the couple fights. But in the Skypod, the house helpers said not once did they see the Youngs fight in front of them.

If the two have their arguments they make it a point to talk about it in private and not show it to everyone in the house.

Jera and Marlene also shared how easy it is to look after Scott.

“Gusto siya nga ikaw mo katawa. Mangita siyag way nga maka katawa ka sa iyang buhaton, wise ka siya nga pagka bata,” Jera said.

They even said that the Youngs allow everyone in their household to carry Scott, and even allow them to bring Scott to their rooms.

Toward the end of the video, Marlene and Jera expressed how happy they are to be part of the Skypod family. They thank  their “amo” Slater and Kryz and even their immediate families for treating them the same and not just their mere house helps.




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