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A more modern and artistic way of showing the Philippines mythical creatures done by Cebu creatives

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebuano creatives are at it again!

Events planner and organizer Carlo Abaquita together with his team of creatives, Geof Lagria, stylist; Janna Fernan, hair and make-up artist; and one of Cebu’s most sought-after photographers Hafid Caballes made something extra spooky but a more modern and artistic way of showing off the Philippines mythical creatures.

“Being nocturnal worked for us karon na naa na miy baby. So Philippine Mythical Creatures came up kase of the nights na gamata mi pirme. So “GABI NG LAGIM” is the main idea gyud and we wanted to celebrate our versions in the Philippines,” said Abaquita.

Making his project more interesting is the model he has asked to do the shoot with, Deedee Villegas.

Villegas is known in Cebu because of her tattoo-covered body and eyes and her content on social media.

“So happened that Deedee is a friend and she is an epitome of a strong person with her own identity. She has a strong sense of individualism that speaks to everyone who thinks they are different,” he added.

In the first set released by the team, it highlighted famous twins Crispin and Basilio from the Netflix series, Trese.

Together with Villegas is another tattooed personality in Cebu, Sean Alegrado.

The shoot focuses on enhancing the looks of the Philippines mythical creatures making them more edgy and modern.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos shared by Caballes to CDN Digital.


“The rising international exposure of Filipino mythology and Philippine fashion was the go signal to merge the two in this series. Creatures we first feared when we were kids : manananggal, sirena, sigbin, etc. — these are the main inspiration for the sets. The looks are given fashionable twists and elements to deliver both horror and art,” described Villegas.

Hold on to your seats as the team unfolds another set of photos from this project very soon. /rcg

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