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Kryz Uy reacts to Yaya Q&A vlog

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebuana socialite and influencer, Kryz Uy-Young, shared her thoughts on the vlog where her house helps answered questions coming from her followers.

In the video, the vlogger said that it was her first time to hear Marlene and Jera’s answers to these questions.

And Young could not help but smile and shed some tears when she heard their answers.

When asked about Scottie’s personality, Young’s one-year-old son, the house helps said he was very cute and very “bugoy” [mischievous].

“Oh my gosh, ang dami niyang words na ma shock nalang ako na he knows like he’ll say “tiki, tiki, tiki” [lizard]. I am so happy to hear them say that, because I can already see from their answers na mahal talaga nila si Scott like it is not just work for them,” the vlogger said.

Young continued that she felt very happy when she heard their answers because she knew that she was doing the right thing in making them feel like they are part of the family.

“It warms your heart to know that they are happy in the job that they are doing, you know, they are not gonna leave you anytime,” she added.

The vlogger says she was feeling very good and happy knowing that everyone in their household was doing well and are happy and healthy. / dcb

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