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Gretchen Barretto shares secret to having toned arms: Shopping helped

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Want to have toned arms like actress and socialite Gretchen Barretto?

Here is how.

In a recent video that she posted on Instagram, the 51-year-old La Greta said that she was born with toned arms. And having to aways carry lots and lots of shopping bags also helped her stay fit.

But of course these are mere jokes that she shared to liven her discussion with her partner Tonyboy Cojuangco and a female guest.

Kidding aside, Barretto said, that exercise and healthy living are her real secrets to having toned arms.

In the video, La Greta is seen sharing a light moment with Cojuango and a female guest.  Their female companion then asked Barretto to share her secret to having very toned arms.

“Healthy living… araw-araw nag bubuno kami [ni Tonyboy] ganyan,” La Greta replied.

“I woke up like this and then in my dreams I was running and running and running all over,”

“Hindi talaga, I was born this way,” she said while laughing.

She also hinted that she does a lot of push ups.

Barreto does regular exercises and shares a lot excercise videos on her IG account, most of which highlighting her daily jogs.



Everyone burst into laughter when she went on to give a very classic la Greta reply.

“Dada, pahingi ng pang shopping, nakikita mo ba yan (her arms), release the budget! Hindi na nag rereact,” she said.

And Barretto continues to stay pretty and fit even in her fifties.  / dcb

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