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Grain by Diamond Suites Offers an All-Day Breakfast Menu Composed of Familiar Tastes and Palate-Friendly Flavors

By: - October 27, 2021

One of the most affected industries during the height of the pandemic was the hospitality industry. Like most restaurants, Grain by Diamond Suites had its fair share of challenges. 

But succumbing to the negativity caused by the health crisis was never an option for the homegrown restaurant. Instead, they took the opportunity to develop an adaptive menu in time of need which was aimed to bring customers’ gastronomic experience a notch higher.

Grain, Diamond Suites and Residences‘ restaurant, offers a light, convenient, and on-the-go all-day breakfast menu for hotel guests and restaurant-goers. This menu, consisting of all-time favorite breakfast staples, is available from 8 AM to 8 PM every day at a reasonable price range. 

The concept of Grain’s all-day breakfast menu is all about comfort food with familiar taste and palate-friendly flavors. They came up with this idea to appeal to their target customers: the locals, travelers, millennials, and older age groups.

Moreover, the items on Grain’s menu are made to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Customers can enjoy an excellent meal for the value of their money. Also, the all-day breakfast menu is developed in consideration of families with children. With all this in one menu board, anyone can indulge in affordable and hearty meals.

Here is what Grain’s all-day breakfast menu has in store for you:

Pancake and Bacon

On Grain’s all-day breakfast menu, the typical bacon and pancake combination goes a notch higher with a twist of aioli sauce and roasted potato. Although bacon and aioli are not a usual combo, the tanginess of the garlic sauce and savoriness of the pork belly complement each other in one plate. And to complete the meal, a classic fluffy pancake with cherry marmalade is paired with creamy scrambled eggs on the side. 

Unlike the traditional version, its bacon is served with an aioli sauce, while the pancake is topped with cherry marmalade. | How to reserve a table


One of the go-to Filipino breakfast dishes is silog, consisting of sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg) plus various viands, usually seasoned meat. Grain’s all-day breakfast menu tastefully presents this combo. With beef tapa, sinangag, and itlog or tapsilog on their menu, every customer will reminisce of home cooking and comfort food right at the leisure of a restaurant. 

This beef tapa by Grain is simply reminiscent of the Filipino all-time favorite breakfast. | Check the menu

Danggit Silog

Danggit silog makes the perfect comfort breakfast food. This dish carries the same concept as the tapsilog. Grain’s danggit silog is served with classic garlic rice and fried egg, too. Also known as rabbitfish, the danggit is cut in half, filleted, and salted. The dish is made even more flavorful with fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Another breakfast staple that many Filipinos love, Grain’s danggit is both delicious and savory. | Book a breakfast for two

All items in the all-day breakfast menu are served with sliced pineapples and watermelons as accompaniment. The colors of these vibrant fruits are not only good to look at but also appetizing. For the drinks, the restaurant serves coffee and juice. 

In-house guests can avail of the hotel’s complimentary breakfast, while restaurant-goers can order at the restaurant located at Diamond Suites and Residences’ lobby. The hotel will soon release a full board menu with a wide range of choices for anyone to enjoy.

As Diamond Suites and Residences brings you the breakfast of the champions, start your day at the world-class hotel and have a breakfast feast. Find out more about the hotel here. Call (032) 420-9800, 09661826655 or email them at  [email protected].

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