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How a father helped his daughter bounce back from her LET failure

CEBU CITY, Philippines— “Next time, ana ra man na. Ayg kaguol, na unsa!” 

([You can pass it] Next time, that is just the way it is. Don’t be sad, okay!)

A simple line from a father who helped his daughter bounce back from a fall. 

Agnes Mercado Tuto, 23, from Agusan del Norte, recently went viral after her friend Suzette Pacon uploaded a Tiktok video between Agnes and her father, Alver. 

It was the evening of March 11, 2022, when Agnes discovered that she did not pass the Licensure Examinations for Teachers which she took last January 30. 

She was sobbing after knowing all her hard work wasn’t enough to pass the exam. 

“That day po yung result nang exam ko iyak po ako ng iyak kasi di namin nakita yung name ko sa LIST OF PASSERS,” she said. 

(On that day when the result of the exam was released, I cried a lot because we did not see my name of the LIST OF PASSERS.)

She shared that before giving her the pep talk that everyone saw on the video, her father cried too, but he decided to be strong for his daughter. 

“Tapos si tatay ni hilak pud 🥺 Nihatag syag mga advices sa ako nga dili mawad-an og paglaom. Kwarta ra na makita ra 🥺,” she added. 

(Then my father also cried. He gave advices to me, encouraging me not to lose hope. That is only money, we can earn it back.)

Agnes was thinking of all the things that her family did for her to take the review classes and the board exam. 

But to her surprise, her father who works as a tricycle driver, said that she did not have to worry because he will always find a way to come up with the money for her review and board exam expenses again. 


“Super happy ma’am, kay nagpromise ko sa akong self nga 1st and last ra to nako nga exam. Kung dili ko makapasar dili nako. Pero power kaayo iyang mga tambag sa ako, labaw na pud sa mga tao nga nisalig nga kaya pa nako,” said Agnes.

(I am super happy because I promised myself that this is the 1st and the last time for me to take the exam. If I cannot pass, then I will not take it again. But I received powerful advices especially from people who believed in me that I can still do it.)

Agnes is the second child out of five siblings and is determined to give her family the best life there is after showing their support to her in attaining her dreams of becoming a teacher someday. 

Next time Agnes, maimoha na ang matamis nga kadaugan!

(Next time Agnes, sweet victory will be yours!)


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