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Stray animals need us too

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Stray animals are not as scary as you think. 

In our country, we often see stray dogs and cats just around the corner. 

Some are being fed by the community, while others strive hard to survive daily. 

As we celebrate World Stray Animals Day, let’s bear in mind what we can do for these animals. 

Feed them

It wouldn’t hurt your wallet to share just a little food with these animals. Feeding them even just once a day will be a great help for them. 

Protect them

In simple ways possible, you can protect these stray animals by sheltering them for a while until authorities can get to them. Or you can make a little home outside your house where they can seek shelter during rainy or hot days. 

Don’t hurt them

If you see a stray in your area, don’t shoo them away by hurting them. If you really don’t like them, you can gently lead them to a distance. Or else, you can even ask someone to help you lead them to a safe distance from your area. 

Call authorities

Call those animal shelters in your area and ask them to pick up these stray animals so that they can put them in a shelter while waiting for a home they can call theirs. Village officials may be able to help you with this. 

Foster or donate

There are a lot of shelters around that are temporarily sheltering stray animals. You can help them by donating a couple of bucks or maybe even become a volunteer in the shelter. 

These animals need our help to survive. So if there’s any way possible for you to help them out, do it.



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