‘President’ Nadine speaks about ‘the best man for the job is a woman’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The president has spoken. 

No! Not the Philippine president, but the netizens’ president, Nadine Lustre. 

In her presidential address that lasted for two minutes and 20 seconds, Lustre told netizens why she is supporting Vice President Robredo as the country’s next president.

Lustre earned the monicker, “President Nadine” because of how she handled intrigues that were thrown at her including rumors of her “pregnancy.”

In her video message, Lustre said, she shares some similarities with Robredo.

To start with, both of them are victims of fake news circulated on social media.

In the video, she can also be seen holding a bottle of “Mang Tomas,” an all-around sarsa.

Earlier, Lustre and “Mang Tomas” became the trending topics on Twitter, after a photo fo her buying the sauce during one of her Siargao trips, was shared online.

“I know someone who went through worse. Bashers, intriga, fake news for the past six years. But she still served, tirelessly, faithfully, wholeheartedly. Dahil alam niyang derserve nating mga Pilipino,” she said.

And just like her, Lustre said, Robredo is never afraid to speak.

Robredo also helps the ordinary people find their voice in a crowd filled with nuisance, she added.

Nadine's special announcement

“Yung laging present, at hindi ka iiwan.” WATCH: The president has spoken! "President” Nadine Lustre took to Instagram and made noise by uploading a video of her showing her support for presidential candidate and Vice President Leni Robredo. In her monologue, Lustre spoke of what she and Robredo have in common, like having to stand up against their bashers and still make it through even stronger. She also talked of her desire to help others. “Kaya ako, tataya ako sa best person who can give us that,” she said. 🎥: Nadine Lustre/IG via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

Posted by CDN Digital on Monday, April 25, 2022

And in closing, Lustre said, “This is president Nadine confidently saying, C’mon guys, it’s 2022. At walang mas qualified na maging susunod na presidente kundi si President Leni Robredo.”

Lustre’s latest video which she uploaded on her Instagram account already reached 872,000 views overnight.


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