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Celeste Cortesi shares story behind color of evening gown during MUP coronation night

- May 10, 2022

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi shared why she opted to wear a light-colored gown during the coronation night of Miss Universe Philippines 2022. 

Cortesi, who is half Italian, took to Instagram to share why sky blue was the color of her choice. 

“CELESTE” in Italian means heavenly, sky blue,” she said. 

This was the name chosen by her later father. 

“My dad would always tell me the wonderful story on how he chose to name me Celeste. ⭐️ After I was born, while he was holding me in his arms, he looked at the sky 🌌 then he immediately knew my name would be Celeste,” she wrote. 

She said that while wearing the creation by Filipino designer Val  Taguba, she felt her dad was with her in spirit during the night. 

“Celeste is the color I wanted to wear on the final night, in honor of my dad. In every step on that stage I would feel his presence right beside me, my guardian angel 💙” she added.



Silvia Celeste Cortesi is Miss Universe Philippines 2022

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