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Sorry dad, but remember we love you to the moon and back!

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  Father’s day is fast approaching and everyone is just feeling nothing but love and gratitude for all the fathers and father figures out there. 

But as we celebrate and treat our dads to an amazing day, let’s not forget to also say sorry for the times we may have looked past some of their efforts. 

Sorry, dad for…

  1. Disobeying you sometimes— for doing the exact opposite of what you want. For giving you many reasons to simply go with what we want and not think of what we truly need. 
  2. Not checking in too often— as we grow older, we tend to focus more on ourselves, our time, and our dreams, and more often than not, we sometimes spend little time with you. Starting today, we will make it a point to give you a call every day, and visit you every week or whenever we can or whenever you want us around. 
  3. Not appreciating you that much— you may not be as a good cook as a mom, but don’t you ever forget how much we appreciate you driving us around, fixing the things in the house, and most importantly for providing for our family. 
  4. Raising our voices— there are times when we get into a heated argument and we tend to raise our voices, we apologize for doing so. There’s no valid excuse or reason for us, your children to raise our voice to the man of the house. 
  5. Not saying ‘I love you’ enough— we may not say it that much, but deep in our hearts we love you and no amount of words can express it. But from now on, we will make it a point to say these three words to you often to remind you of our love. 

If there’s one thing we won’t be sorry about for our dads, that is the thing that we will forever need them. 

We will forever be ringing their phones whenever we have good or bad news. We will never be sorry for asking you to be around us whenever you can. 

Happy Father’s Day, Pa!


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