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Samsung Curve Ultra High Definition

Easier on the eyes, the Samsung Curve Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV is a product of several years of research and development and is the first of its kind in the global market.

And it’s a boon for parents who constantly have to remind their children to stay six feet away from the TV screen. Odette Velarde, Samsung Electronics Philippines PR chief, said their latest product ensures maximum viewing experience.

“Many experts are hypothesizing that UHD screen with a curved form factor may impact our eyesight. By offering an increased number of pixels, UHD TVs provide four times the resolution of full
HD TVs. The emergence of curved UHD TVs in the market revolutionized the public’s usual concept that all TVs are flat,” she said.

Dr. James Edward Sison, a  consultant at the St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Comprehensive Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Services (COHESS), agreed.

Dr. Sison, owner and head optometrist of Perez Optical, said a curved TV with ultra high definition gives optimal view and helps prevent eye strain caused by prolonged watching due to lower screen resolution.

“There are other factors like viewing posture, room illumination, and underlying vision problems that can also contribute to eyestrain. Curved UHD TV produces images that are closer to real life and may help reduce viewing fatigue compared to lower HD quality TVs,” he said.

He also said the viewing distance using a flat TV is shorter from the center and longer towards the periphery which can force people to focus more especially during fast paced sequences.

“The field of view of a curved UHD TV is more natural and the edge of the TV wraps around the viewer. Curved UHD TVs give you a more uniform viewing distance when your eyes move
from the center of the screen to the periphery,” Sison said.

After watching Samsung’s Curved UHD TV, he gave this assessment: “The Curved UHD TV had a sharper image and appeared more natural. The pixels were more tightly packed with more resolution. It was more comfortable than what I had expected,”  he said.

Dr. Sison said the curved TV is similarly shaped to the eye whose anterior portion, the cornea, is a curve shaped dome that bends and refracts light into the pupil, enabling vision.

“The curved UHD TV screen gives a panoramic effect that makes the screen look bigger than it actually is. Even if people are watching together, the view of the periphery or edge of the TV is still clear,” he said.

With this positive review, Velarde said they are confident that their product will carve its own niche in the competitive TV market.

“Curved UHD TVs have the potential to introduce a brand new and revolutionary viewing experience for audiences. The technological and health benefits of the product allow for hours of enjoyment with family and friends without any worry of eyestrain and fatigue,” she said.

The Samsung Curved UHD TV boasts of crisp picture quality, four times more powerful than HD screen. Its special curved screen makes images appear larger and true-to-life, thus giving a more realistic and the best possible viewing experience for any viewer.

Velarde said the combination of the curved screen and UHD technology automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth and gives a 3D effect without requiring glasses.

The Samsung Curved UHD TV is available in 78-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches in all Samsung authorized dealer stores nationwide.

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