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Vicki Belo sets record straight: ‘It’s not true that Heart snubbed me, Alex’

Vicki Belo sets record straight: ‘It’s not true that Heart snubbed me, Alex’

Vicki Belo and Heart Evangelista. Image: Instagram/@victoria_belo, @iamhearte

Vicki Belo set the record straight on Wednesday that Heart Evangelista did not snub her and Alex Gonzaga during a fashion show in Milan, claiming that the three of them did not even cross paths during the event.

The celebrity doctor issued the statement after several media organizations reported what she and Gonzaga discussed in her vlog on Tuesday, Nov. 15 — that Evangelista did not even say “hi” to them even though they were all seated in the same row. It should be noted, however, that neither Belo nor Gonzaga took back their claims about Evangelista even until the end of the vlog.

In a new video posted on her Instagram Stories, Belo belied their own claims on her vlog.

“I just want to set the record straight — it’s not true that Heart snubbed Alex and me,” she said. “How could she snub us when she didn’t even know we were there? And we never ever saw each other.”

Belo then reiterated Gonzaga’s prior statement on the matter that they were just “kidding and joking around” when they talked about the supposed “snubbing” incident.

“If you watch the Vicki Belo vlog, you will see that Alex and I were just kidding and joking around. And I was so thrilled that Alex mentioned Heart and me in one sentence, and we all know what a fashion powerhouse Heart is,” she added.

Gonzaga earlier came out with her own statement, saying she and Evangelista are friends, and that the latter has always been nice to her. Evangelista, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the matter.


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