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Premium estate living awaits at Valencia by Vista Estates

By: - November 25, 2022

Cebu’s continued growth is undeniably attracting much-deserved attention all over the globe. 

Everything you love about travel from food, history, destinations, leisure, and business, Cebu has a lot to offer than what you see in pictures and videos online. 

Cebu has also consistently grown economically. With increased infrastructure, real estate, and international companies coming into business hubs, Cebu is the country’s second central business district.

Cebu also holds one of the best records for peace and order, making the Visayan stronghold a perfect place to live.

While much of Cebu is centuries old, it is also a bustling metropolis.  

Valencia Residences is a multi-tower development that will transform the cityscape within five hectares of prime real estate in the heart of Lapu-Lapu City. | How to reach them?

This perfect blend of old and new, ancient charm and a vigorous economy is the inspiration for the newest development in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu — Valencia by Vista Estates.

Strategic location, a mix of city and tropical paradise

Located in the first-class and highly urbanized City of Lapu-Lapu, the development is surrounded by breathtaking white sand beaches and world-class resorts. 

Aside from these majestic retreats to visit, the city is also a business district that merges perfectly with the colorful and historic heritage of the island. 

Mactan Island, a favorite destination of both locals and tourists, is connected across the Mactan Channel by the Marcelo Fernan Bridge, and Mactan-Mandaue Bridge, and is easily accessible by the new Cebu–Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX).

Through its close proximity to the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, Valencia is poised to be the nearest metropolis to Cebu City. | Know more here

The 8.9-kilometer CCLEX connects the main Cebu City industrial area to Mactan Island via the municipality of Cordova, another top spot to visit in Cebu.

Aside from the convenient land travel in and out of Lapu-Lapu City, the island is also closer to the world with the country’s second busiest air terminal, The Mactan Cebu International Airport, sitting right in the middle of the city.  

From leisure offerings to entertainment and lifestyle pursuits in Lapu-Lapu City, it is the perfect location to start a family, grow in your career or start a business.

With an excellent balance of city and lush living, you can call Lapu-Lapu City your home with Valencia by Vista Estates. 

Modern designs infused with Spanish Flavors for Cebu estate living 

Designed and inspired by Spanish Modernista architecture––or what is the Catalan version of the English Arts and Crafts movement––the towers and edifices of Valencia by Vista Estates will be marked with a stylish diversity of historically-derived touches. 

The development creates a vibrant environment within an island. 

Featuring landscapes that integrate work, play, and all points in between, Valencia prioritizes the evolving needs of the Cebuanos and those who wish to relocate to Cebu. Valencia will build vertical residences and recreational spaces that will offer the best of city living and relaxation. 

Strewn among the residences will be green pathways, open spaces, and a variety of choice amenities for the convenience of its guests and residents. | Learn more about Vista Estates

Green pathways and open spaces will be highlighted in Valencia to pay tribute to the graceful lines and organic detailing of the Modernista style.  

Valencia will also feature commercial hubs that will come with unique retail and food and beverage concepts. 

A swimming pool and clubhouse will be blueprinted in Iberian architectural sophistication, paying homage to the Spanish province right at the center of the development.

Valencia’s mantra aptly encompasses the kind of worry-free living that awaits its guests and residents —  “Never miss out on life!”

The multi-tower development will transform the cityscape within five hectares in the heart of Lapu-Lapu City.  

Valencia by Vista Estates is building not just for the present, but for the future generations that will call this metropolis “home.”

Vista Estates is Vista Land’s mixed-use development of prime master-planned communities. 

To know more about  Valencia, visit or follow @VistalandAndLifescapesOfficial on social media. 

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