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The iOS 16.3 Update Will Launch Next Week

iOS 16.3

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Your iPhone will get another update next week. The iOS 16.3 will fix existing apps, such as a more responsive Siri.

It would also improve security for your smartphone by letting you use a physical security key for two-factor authentication.

Lastly, the iOS 16.3 update will allow your iPhone to support the upcoming HomePad, Apple’s smart home device.

What are the features of iOS 16.3?

You will be able to include physical security keys to protect your Apple ID once the update launches next week.

A physical security key is a separate device that protects your device from unauthorized access. Soon, you could include that as an option for two-factor authentication.

For example, let us say you selected fingerprint and physical security keys for 2FA. After scanning your print, you must insert the key into your device to open Apple ID.

Note that performance depends on the quality of your security key. Also, iOS 16.3 would allow your iPhone to connect to the upcoming HomePad.

It is similar to Amazon’s Echo Speaker because it can play your favorite music and execute voice commands.

Moreover, the upcoming update will offer a Black Unity wallpaper and watch face for iPhones to celebrate Black History Month.

The upgrade would also bring these minor fixes:

First, it will offer a new button combination for making emergency SOS calls. You must hold the side button with the up or down volume button and then release it.

The new combo ensures you do not make SOS calls accidentally. Second, iOS 16.3 will fix an issue with drawing strokes in Freeform not showing up on shared boards.

Third, it will prevent the wallpaper from appearing black on the Lock Screen. Fourth, it will remove horizontal lines appearing when the iPhone 14 Pro Max wakes up.

Fifth, iOS 16.3 would ensure the Home app status displays accurately on the Home Lock Screen widget.

Finally, the upcoming update will ensure Siri responds properly to music requests and CarPlay commands.


The iOS 16.3 will launch next week and fix minor issues with existing apps. However, these could improve your iPhone experience.

Besides the latest operating system, Apple is reportedly preparing to offer third-party apps on its App Store. Soon, that could let you do more with your smartphone.

Also, the company is creating a search engine that could rival Google by 2026. If you want to learn more about digital trends, follow Inquirer Tech.

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