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When was the last time you checked on your friends or loved ones?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— A simple “hi” can go a long way. 

This may seem like a very casual and effortless thing to say to someone you know or someone who’s dear to you. 

But now that everyone seems to be very good at masking their emotions, your simple greeting to a friend or loved one might be the breather they all need. 

Here are some ways you can check on your friends: 

Start with a text

May it be a joke or something that would spark happiness or interest to the other person, make it count. Make the first move count so you can start to reconnect. 

Plan something out

Make the other person feel special by planning a simple coffee date or a simple day at the mall. Even an errands run would do. Just make sure to make them feel good even just for a short time. 

Ask about this person’s interest

Talk about the things that gives joy to this person. Talk about something he or she has been working on to somehow make you and this person connect. 

Random visits

Show up at their house or their work place and surprise them. This can easily make their day and might even make them open some things up that they would want to talk about. 

Send gifts

These may not be lavish gifts, but these could be things that would make them feel happy and remembered. Perhaps  their favorite coffee, donut, or something goofy that reminds you of them. as the saying goes, it’s the though that counts.

There are so many things that can be done to make your friends or loved ones feel remembered, especially those who have been quiet or distant for quite some time.

Now is the time to reconnect with them so pick a way to check on them.



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