From teenage friends to mom friends

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Do you still remember the times when you used to be just so carefree when going out with your besties?

The type when you can just hop on a call with them and ask them to meet you in 15 minutes in your favorite hangout spot?

Fast forward to today.

Most of our friends are starting their own families, meaning, they can’t just hop in your car and head out for the night because they have bigger shoes to fill— like being a mom.

And this read will allow you to understand how you, the supportive friend and best aunt in the world should understand your mom friends.

Plan ahead— Yes, we do this now. You need to plan ahead so that your friends can either look for a sitter or can prepare for the day as they take their babies with them to hang out.

A kid-friendly spot is a plus— Planning a day out or night out with your friends with kids is such a blessing, seeing their kids grow up will be one of the best rewards of your aunt-pregnanlife, so pick a place where the kids can have fun too.

Lend an ear— Our mom friends just need some breather too, but this time it is a different thing since we’re adults, we tend to talk about how our days have been and how tiring they must have been. Listen to them, you are doing them the biggest favor.

Introduce them to new things— They may have so much on their plates, but believe me, some of them would want something new to be excited about, something that would take them away from their usual routine.

Growing up with the friends you had since you were young is one of the best gems life can give you.

All the more when you see a new generation of besties growing up. /rcg


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