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Aeron Uy: Not your typical CEO son

Aeron Uy carves his own mark as he keeps the family legacy alive

By: - April 12, 2023

There is more to Aeron Uy than his famous last name that has since claimed domestic and international success in the dried fruit processing and exporting business. 

As he made his way to the table where the CDN Digital Life! team was parked on a humid Monday noon break, the 26-year-old executive vice president of JPark Island Resort and Waterpark made a bashful wave and then followed by a quintessential Filipino inquiry: “Nikaon namo?” (Have you eaten?) 

Aeron Uy, 26-year-old executive vice president of JPark Island Resort and Waterpark.

The query was a sincere expression of care. 

His voice carries a touch of gratitude and a hint of reluctance. He is thankful to be given the opportunity to share his story but is, at the same time, unsure if his narrative can inspire anyone.

After all, he said, there is nothing extraordinary about his story. 

“It is only natural for me to serve the family by helping JPark grow to be a premier resort destination in Cebu,” he remarked. 

He actualizes this mission with his concurrent role as the resort’s interim marketing manager. 

Aeron joined the JPark management in October 2022 and had since diligently worked on establishing and strengthening the brand in a move to build stronger and sustainable relations with local and foreign partners. 

Growing up with family members who worked together for the success of Profood International Corp., Aeron learned at a young age that taking shortcuts is not a healthy strategy for any business endeavor. 

What proves to be effective is the potent combination of hardwork, humility, and honesty. These are traits which he learned from observing his father, Jason; uncles, Justin and Jerry; and grandmother, Marcela. 

Justin is the chairman of Philippine BXT Corporation which operates JPark. Jason is the chief executive officer. 

Aeron had already forged his own path in business before he earned his degree in financial management from the University of San Carlos (USC). 

Driven by curiosity to earn his own money, Aeron Uy jumpstarted a drone rental business when he was only 14 years old. 

The young Aeron saved his allowance and purchased his first drone unit which he rented out to eager clients. 

Aeron’s business interest later progressed to stock market trading, a field which he diligently studied and immersed in.

While studying at USC, Aeron enrolled in the Certified Securities Specialist course run by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). 

According to the PSE, the course is a 124-hour program that “puts  emphasis  on financial  market theories,  valuation techniques and analysis, investment portfolio management, ethics, regulations, and market dynamics.”

While the course can be a hurdle for most people, Aeron enjoyed the program with the same curiosity and passion that he had when he was a teenage entrepreneur. 

As a third-generation Uy who is involved in the business, Aeron makes sure that he positively contributes to continuing the family legacy of building sustainable businesses. 

To really build Jpark as the premier tourist destination. I am doing that by setting short, medium, and long-term plans. 

A typical day for this young executive involves waking up at 4 a.m. to beat the morning traffic rush to cross the bridge he travels from his home in Cebu City to Lapu-Lapu City. 

The day unfolds with him checking up on his responsibilities in the resort before heading out to attend meetings with clients and partners. 

The day ends with a meeting with the board members; if not, an informal meeting to update his bosses about his tasks. 

With the crucial role that he plays with Jpark, Aeron works on creating more connections that will allow Jpark to grow its clientele. 

At present, the resort’s guests come from Korea (60%), domestic arrivals (30%), and various foreign nationalities (10%).

Aeron is working on striking a balance between taking risks and creating, if not strengthening, partnerships with the stakeholders of the hospitality industry. 

He still does this with curiosity but also with the wisdom carved from years of sitting in board meetings and observing the older Uys as they addressed one challenge after another. 

“When I joined Jpark, I told them not to treat me as the son of the owner but to consider me as one of them,” Aeron shared.

Aeron answered more questions from the CDN Digital Life! Team on the lessons he learned along the way. 

Your father, Jason, is the chief executive officer of Philippine BXT Corporation while your uncle, Justin, is the chairman. Do you aim to become any of them? 

I want to just be Aeron. I am learning so much from Sir Jason and Sir Justin. My father is an architect by profession so his role is unique as CEO. I learn from observing Sir Jason. He sits in the lobby and the employees go to him for questions or to consult him about any aspect of operations. He is approachable and easy to work with. It is public knowledge that Sir Justin really paved the way for the family business to succeed. His reminder is always to work hard and to serve the family. 

It is ingrained in our family culture to serve and to love God and give all the glory to him. That’s just how we are raised. 

You address your father and your uncle as “Sir,” were you told to do that or… 

They are my bosses so I address them as “Sir.” And honestly, I don’t want my co-workers to think of me as the CEO’s son. When I joined Jpark, I told them not to treat me as the son of the owner but to consider me as one of them. 

What surprised you when you joined the business? 

I actually went through the HR (human resources) hiring process. I was interviewed. I wasn’t really surprised because even when we’re not at work, we talk about work. Perhaps it’s just the realization that as a department head I have to make certain decisions and then I have to report to my bosses and I should not supersede their decisions. I am learning about that. 

What is unique about Jpark? 

We have amenities that most resorts do not have. 

(JPark’s five-star accommodation consisting of villas and suites have a total floor area 76 to 110 square meters which are considered the most spacious in the region. The property is also a water park that boasts of attractions such as the Open Body Slide, Tube Slide, Amazon River, and Space Bowl. As a water park, it has a wave pool, beach pool, island pool, Captain Hook’s pool, and a toddler’s pool. The resort’s Pororo Park is one of the property highlights which is based on the child-friendly Korean TV show, “Pororo the Little Penguin.”) 

What do you hope to accomplish with you at the helm of Jpark’s marketing communications? 

To really build Jpark as the premier tourist destination. I am doing that by setting short, medium, and long-term plans. 

With your skills, are you confident you can accomplish your goals for the resort? 

Honestly, I know that I am adept at doing the work but I also know that I am not an expert. So I work closely with the different people at Jpark. We work together as a family; as a close-knit family working together for the success of Jpark. 

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