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Priscilla Mereilles says she, John Estrada have been ‘talking a lot’ about their marriage: ‘All is good’

Priscilla Mereilles (right) says she, John Estrada have been ‘talking a lot’ about their marriage: ‘All is good’. Image: Instagram/@johnestrada__

Image: Instagram/@johnestrada__

Priscilla Mereilles spoke once again about her marriage with John Estrada, declaring “all is good” between them and that they have been “talking a lot” to address differences and expectations in their relationship.

The Brazilian beauty queen said this after she was asked by ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual if “all is well” between her and Estrada. Meirelles and Dumaual had their conversation during the preliminary event of the Miss Earth Philippines pageant last Monday, April 17.

“Actually, we never really had any major, let’s say… I cannot say that it wasn’t well,” she told the reporter. “Every marriage goes through very rough patches. We were going through a rough time, actually for a while already.”

Meirelles likened the current state of their relationship to a house with one broken light, asking Dumaual, “Do you change the house or do you fix the light?”

“When you come to a point in your life where you’re 12 years married and you know each other so well and you already can foresee the future and what to expect from the future, there is a tendency you start to somehow explain to a partner what to expect from your partner in that long-term partnership,” she stated.

“Just like any marriage, we have our differences,” she continued. “We’ve been talking a lot about what we want 10 years from now. I think it’s just part of life.”

Meirelles then stressed how their faith serves as a reminder on the importance of family, noting how she believes both of them are learning from this obstacle in their marriage.

“We are talking. There is no major happening right now,” she said. “I think the most important part is that we respect each other and we respect each other’s space. All is good.”

Speculations of marital problems between Meirelles and Estrada arose last March 28 after she dropped a cryptic remark about a “female that entertains a married man.” Meirelles eventually confirmed that she and Estrada had been going through a rough patch.

Meirelles has since been making remarks about keeping her head up and being “ready for war,” although she disclosed in a recent interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer that she and John “are not fighting” but that “transformation is happening” in their relationship.

The couple recently went on a trip to Cebu with their daughter Aneckha as well the actor’s kids with ex-wife Janice de Belen, namely Moira, Kaila and Yuan Estrada. Anne Pasajol


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