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Astro member Moonbin dies at 25

Moonbin was in Manila last month for his group’s ‘Diffusion’ tour


Astro’s Moonbin. (Photo from Twitter/@offclASTRO)

Moonbin, a member of the K-pop boy group Astro, has died at the age of 25.

The K-pop idol was reportedly found dead by his manager in his home in Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea at around 8:10 p.m. (Korean standard time) on Wednesday, April 19, according to authorities.

Korean media outlet Yonhap News reported that the Astro member “took his own life,” as they noted that an autopsy was being considered to determine the cause of his death.

Moonbin’s label Fantagio confirmed his death on Thursday, April 20, in an official statement on social media.

“We would like to apologize for this sad and heartbreaking news. On April 19, Moonbin suddenly left us and became a star in the sky. Although we cannot compare our sorrow to the grief that the bereaved families are feeling, losing a beloved son and brother, the Astro members, fellow Fantagio artists, company executives, and employees are mourning the deceased in great sadness and shock,” the label said.

The label then apologized for delivering the “heartbreaking news” to fans who gave their love to Moonbin who is known for “loving and thinking of them more than anyone else.”

“It is even more heartbreaking to deliver this news so suddenly to the fans who have supported Moonbin and sent him their love. We are heartbroken because we know the feelings of the deceased, who always loved and thought of his fans more than anyone else,” the statement read.

Fantagio also confirmed that a private funeral will be held where Moonbin’s family members and colleagues would be present.

“We sincerely ask you to refrain from speculative and malicious reports so that the bereaved families, who are in a state of great sadness and sorrow due to the sudden news, can honor the deceased,” Fantagio said.

“According to the wishes of the bereaved families, the funeral will be held as quietly as possible with the family members and company colleagues. Once again, we send our deepest condolences to the deceased,” it added.

Born Moon Bin, the singer debuted as the main dancer, center, and lead vocalist of Astro in February 2016. He was also part of the boy group’s first sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha in September 2020.

He has a younger sister named Moon Sua, who is currently a member of the K-pop girl group Billlie and was a former trainee at YG Entertainment.

Moonbin’s final public appearances include the Manila leg of the sub-unit’s “Diffusion” tour in March 2023 and the MBC Idol Radio Live show with Viviz’s SinB and iKON’s Chanwoo earlier this month.

He was set to appear in the 2023 Dream Concert in Seoul on May 2023 with his bandmate Sanha.


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