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Bench Lee Abadilla’s heartbreak of honor story


Bench Lee Abadilla uses heartbreak as his launching pad to success. 

CEBU CITYy, Philippines– Using heartbreak as motivation to succeed is not a bad idea after all. A Cebuano student who recently topped his class and passed his licensure exams can vouch for this.

Bench Lee Abadilla, 23, a resident of Barangay Ermita in Cebu City, went viral for a post he made during his graduation with a charming yet painful caption.

“To the girl who ghosted me and said ‘Bantay ug di ka ma Cum Laude anang sigeg study nimo ha.’ This is for you. Cum Laude – BSEE.”

Abadilla’s Facebook post on July 23, 2022, got over 24,000 reactions.

In the post, Abadilla is seen holding his diploma and flexing his medal as he finished his tertiary education a Cum Laude.

Abadilla revealed that he was pursuing the girl when she abruptly stopped communicating with him, leading him to shift his focus entirely to his studies.

“Nagsugod [dayun] ko ug focus najud sa studies,” he told CDN Digital.

Despite the pain he felt, Abadilla’s determination to succeed never faltered. This became his motivation to strive harder.

“Somehow [siya ang reason] pero not 100 percent. I came from scratch kasi, literal na walang wala po. Kaya nag study hard para sa scholarship [din],” said Abadilla.

Although Abadilla’s heart was still mending, the joy he felt in achieving his academic goals gave him renewed hope. Now he is more excited to see what the future holds for him knowing that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind into.

Abadilla also successfully passed the Engineers Licensure Examination held in April 2023.


Abadilla’s viral post during his graduation last year.

As he reflected on his journey, Abadilla realized that his heartbreak gave him the strength to push forward and pursue his dreams.

“Set your goals po and work on them. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Focus on your studies, pray then repeat. Yung lovelife dadating yan , kumbaga God will provide… pero if ever kaya pagsabayin or mutual yung goals [niyo] then the better,” he said. 

They say that the ability to transform pain as motivation is the hallmark of a successful person. Love is just a bonus.

And for Abadilla, love can take a backseat at the moment. That’s another painful reality that he can use to soar higher and collect more laurels. Because this young achiever has already mastered the art of rolling with life’s punches.     /rcg


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