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Art and motherhood: How art helps moms bust stress

Art and motherhood: How art helps moms bust stress

Cebuano artist moms (from left to right) Jecieca Reyes, Margarette Jaranilla, and Lovelyn Sarcol Holmlund showcase their works during the “ARTistic MOMents” exhibit organized by the Philippine Art and SM, from May 7 to May 31, 2023, to spread the idea that “Motherhood is a beautiful work of art.”| Contributed Photos

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Motherhood is not easy.

The time, effort, sacrifice, commitment, and patience needed to be a mother are so great, and yet sometimes, receive little external reward.

Margarette Jaranilla, 43, the super mom to her two sons ages 17 and 10, recounts the demand of being a mother in one conversation with CDN Digital.

“As a mother, I play many roles to my children: storyteller, comforter, caregiver, cook, and many more. Raising my children is full of mixed emotions. Sometimes, I feel happy, sad, worried, angry,” she said.

However, Jaranilla found a way to channel these emotions.

She found relaxation and calmness in art, which helped her cope with the demands of being a mother.

To honor “nanays,” “mama,” and “moms,” this Mother’s Day, CDN Digital spoke with some Cebuano artist moms and let them share with their fellow mothers how painting, sketching, and art, in general, helped them cope with the demands of motherhood.

And as for Jaranilla, art gives her positivity.

“It gives me the ability to express myself, and it can help me express emotions that [sometimes] cannot be expressed, such as exhaustion, hope, and joy…I express myself by sketching and painting on my canvass. Art makes me an open person. My artworks let others look and see myself or my soul,” she said.

Art and motherhood: How art helps moms bust stress

One of Margarette Jaranilla’s artworks. | contributed photo

Both art and motherhood demand long hours, patience, and passion, but art, she said, helped her become a good mother.

She learned patience through art, through painting long hours on big canvasses, which she later used to raise her sons compassionately.

Jaranilla started painting when she was still single but stopped when she married.

She started painting again because of her youngest son, Thirdy, whom she said was a way better artist than her.

Thirdy Jaranilla| contributed photo

“I am awed and amazed by his artworks, his drawings, sketches and animation,” she said.

“During the pandemic, I introduced acrylic painting to him. We painted every weekend. From then on, I didn’t stop painting,” she added.

After putting her paintings on hold for over two decades, she started painting again in 2020 and has been doing so for the past three years.

Jecieca Reyes poses next ot one of her art works | contributed photo

Another artist Jecieca Reyes, a mom to her 14-year-old son, said painting helps with her mental well-being.

“It allows my mind to relax and let go of all the stress. I put emotions in every artwork that I make which inspires me to become a good mom,” she told CDN Digital.

Likewise, Lovelyn Holmlund, a resin artist, said art was an escape from her busy life.

“If I feel stressed, I turn to my art. This helps me relax and take away my stress, and anxiety. When I’m painting, I can switch off from the outside world by focusing on my art,” Holmlund shared.

Homlund has one son and an angel who is now in heaven, who are her inspiration in her artworks.

Some of Holmlund’s works| contributed photo

Demanding as it may be, motherhood gives a different joy to these artist moms.

“The best part of being a mom is spending time and making sweet memories with your children and watching them learn and grow as individuals,” shared Jaranilla.

“Coming home every night from driving in traffic is exhausting, but the moment he (her three-year-old son) sees me opening the door, he runs towards me with open arms… I feel so loved,” Holmlund added.

Jaranilla’s, Reyes’, and Holmlund’s works are part of the arts on display for the “ARTistic MOMents” exhibit organized by the Philippine Art in collaboration with SM.

The exhibit located at the upper ground of SM Seaside-City Wing aims to spread the idea that “Motherhood is a beautiful work of art,” in line with the celebration of Mother’s Day this month.

The public can visit the exhibit until May 31. It officially opened last Sunday, May 7.


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