BEST FRIEND’S DAY: What kind of ‘bestie’ do you have?

By: - June 08, 2023

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Best friends are basically your siblings from another family.

Best friends are there to make life easier and more fun. Sometimes, they understand us more, more than we understand ourselves.

Today, June 8, we celebrate Best Friend’s Day. As we celebrate this beautiful day, let’s get to know which type of best friend/s you have.

THANK YOU, BESTIE 🥺😍Today, don't forget to send a message to your bestie and let them know how much you treasure them. 🤗Happy Best Friend's Day!! #CDNDigital

Posted by CDN Digital on Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Wise bestie

This friend is known for their wisdom and insightful advice. They have a knack for offering guidance and helping you see things from a different perspective.

Childhood bestie

This type of friend has been with you since childhood, and you have shared countless memories and experiences together. They know you inside out and have a deep understanding of your past.

Work bestie

This friend is someone you’ve bonded with at work or met through work. They understand the challenges you face in your career and the people who will push you to do more and move to make your career life prosper.

Workout bestie

This is the type of best friend that keeps you active and moving. From a simple jogging activity to hardcore exercises, that would make you feel more alive and let you forget the things that have been bothering you from work, life or even from your family.

Long-distance bestie

This bestie is the one that lives thousands of miles away. This is the friend who you can still call anytime not minding the time difference, this is the person who you can rant to and just try to keep each other in the loop of the things happening around you.

You might have a person in mind already after reading this, but let’s make this day more exciting by reading some messages our ka-Siloys sent their besties in the comment section of our Facebook post.



To all our besties, we just really want to say, thank you for everything you do and for always being by our side. You make life more meaningful!

Happy Best Friend Day!



When was the last time you checked on your friends or loved ones?



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