Dennis Padilla says he received food but no greetings from Julia, Claudia, Leon on Father’s Day

Dennis Padilla

Dennis Padilla, and Julia, Leon, Marjorie and Claudia Barretto. Image: Instagram/@dennisastig, @marjbarretto

Dennis Padilla disclosed to Ogie Diaz that his children Julia, Claudia and Leon sent him food on Father’s Day, but the actor lamented that the gesture included no greetings from the three.

Diaz appeared to have reached out to Padilla who then opened up about his celebration of the occasion this year, as per the comedian-talent manager’s vlog on Monday, June 19.

“According to Dennis, hindi siya binati ng kanyang mga anak nitong Father’s Day. Buong araw daw siya naghintay,” Diaz said. “Pero nagpa-deliver naman ng food ang magkakapatid, pero wala ni-kapirasong greeting o note para batiin siya ng ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ ‘Yung note o message daw ang kanyang inaasahan kaysa sa anumang bagay.”

(According to Dennis, his children did not greet him on Father’s Day. He said he waited the whole day. [Julia, Claudia and Leon] had food delivered to Dennis but it didn’t have any note or greeting, which was what he was expecting more than anything.)

Padilla also sent Diaz a photo of the former’s letter to his children, which was the same letter Padilla posted but later took down from his Instagram page in June last year.

The actor further told Diaz that he persistently prays for the forgiveness of his children and that he will patiently wait until they are ready to talk to him again.

“Sabi nga ni Dennis, ‘Pare, matanda na ako. Sana mapagbigyan ako ng mga anak ko,’” Diaz quoted Padilla as saying. (As what Dennis said, “Friend, I’m already old. I hope my children would grant my wish.”)

Dennis Padilla

Image: screengrab from YouTube/Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update

Dennis Padilla

Image: screengrab from YouTube/Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update

Meanwhile, Padilla also showed through his Instagram page a throwback photo of him with his kids as well as a photo quote about family.

“No family is perfect. We argue, we fight, we even stop talking to each other at times but in the end, family is family. The love will always be there,” the quote read.

Julia, Claudia and Leon are Padilla’s children with his ex-wife, actress Marjorie Barretto.


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