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Taylor Swift casts ex-BF Taylor Lautner in ‘I Can See You’ music video, meets his wife while filming

Taylor Swift with Taylor Lautner, his wife Taylor Dome and Joey King.

Taylor Swift with Taylor Lautner, his wife Taylor Dome and Joey King. Image: Instagram/@taylorswift

Taylor Swift surprised fans after she reunited with her ex-boyfriend, American actor Taylor Lautner, and re-created the “Spider-Man” meme with his wife, Taylor Dome, during the filming of “I Can See You” music video.

“I Can See You” is one of the “From the Vault” tracks in the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter’s “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” album, which was released on Friday, July 7.

Its music video, released a day after, features Swift and Lautner pulling off a heist alongside Joey King and Presley Cash, who both starred in Swift’s 2011 “Mean” music video.

Lautner, King and Cash team up to break into a vault, which locks Swift and a framed cover art of her “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” album. Cash stays in a spy van and monitors the security cameras, while Lautner and King fight guards to free Swift from the vault.

Lautner, King and Swift then rush to get out of the collapsing structure, running past displays of what seem to be different personas of the singer in her albums. The four of them then successfully run away in their spy van together with the framed album cover art.

Swift first launched the “I Can See You” music video during her “The Eras Tour” show at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, where Lautner, King and Cash were in attendance.

After its release on her YouTube channel, Swift spoke about the making of the music video via her Instagram page.

“I wrote this video treatment over a year ago and really wanted to play out symbolically how it’s felt for me to have the fans helping me reclaim my music,” Swift said. “I had my heart set on [Joey King, Taylor Lautner and Presley Cash] starring in it.”

Swift then revealed spending time with Lautner’s wife while shooting the project, and showed a snap of them three Taylors.

“Taytay is INCREDIBLE in this (didn’t have a stunt double!) and shout out to [Taylor Dome] for being so awesome to hang with on set. The Tale of 3 Taylors,” she added.

Swift and Lautner met on the set of the romantic-comedy film “Valentine’s Day” in 2009, dated for a few months, then reportedly split in December of the same year. While no confirmation has been made, fans believe that Swift’s song “Back to December” was about her breakup with the “Twilight” star.

Meanwhile, Lautner said in a May interview he was looking forward to the release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” noting at the time that he felt “safe” and was “praying for John,” referring to American singer John Mayer, who was speculated by fans to be the subject of Swift’s song “Dear John,” which is part of the “Speak Now” album.


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