Shattering the ‘bad influence’ misconception of tattoos

By: - August 11, 2023

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  Tattoos, once associated with rebellion and criminality, have transformed into a celebrated form of personal expression.

Over time, people have become more open to getting tattoos and standing by their decision about getting either dainty or big tattoos.

The journey of these designs etched in our skins has been remarkable.

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But are tattoos totally accepted in society these days?

CDN Digital asked our ka-Siloys what they think about tattooed people, if they see them as bad influences, especially to the youth.

The comment section of the post was filled with mixed reactions.

Most of those who commented said tattoos are not an indication of failure, rebellion, or criminality. Some say tattoos are there for self-expression and art.

Here are some of the interesting comments:

“Tattoo is art, bsan Asa pa ka,nagdepnde napud na nmo unsaon nmo pag manage imong kaugalingon bsag pag napuno na imong lawas ug tattoo as long as wla KY geyatakan nga taw ug nndot imong binuhatan sa katilingban.”

“Here’s my two cents. I don’t think so.. but if the guardians (parents) look at it that way, it’s their responsibility, then it’s their call no matter what. Respect it. Different strokes for different folks.”

“Having a tattoo doesn’t define the character of those who have it. Character depends on one’s values, beliefs, and principles regardless of having a tattoo or not.”

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Others are also very open about how they feel about having tattoos and why they are somehow opposed to having inks on our bodies.

“Depende sa Tattoo kong demonic na or satanism or psychopathic then surely, it is and will always be a bad influence.”

“Adik2x manang tato oi, pang kulto2x anak sa debel.”

“Bible verse Leviticus 19:28

28 Do not lacerate your bodies for the dead, and do not tattoo yourselves. – According to biblical scholars it’s a warning against pagan practices.”

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Talks about tattoos even up to this day can still stir up a very powerful discussion when talking about beliefs. But tides have begun to turn as some see tattoos as expressions of oneself and not a definition of who they are.

On a special note, tattoos in workplaces have become more accepted over time too.

Some workplaces maintain conservative policies regarding visible tattoos, these regulations are gradually evolving.

Increasingly, employers recognize that tattoos are a reflection of an individual’s identity and don’t necessarily reflect their professionalism or skills.

What are your thoughts?


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