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FACES OF CEBU: Jello Talaboc, 30, Cebuano minimalist tattoo artist


Cebuano minimalist tattoo artist, Jello Talaboc.

CEBU CITY, Philippines—People’s perception about having a tattoo has gradually changed over time. 

Now, society has accepted this work of art that even women are getting inked. 

One of those who helped with this boom is noted Cebuano tattoo artist Jello Talaboc, who is known for his minimalist designs, dot works, and floral tattoos. 

“It (tattoo industry) is on its way to becoming more accepted than what the industry was known for in the past. I think minimal tattoos actually helped the industry become more accepted because of the dainty designs. It makes it feel like it’s just an accessory or even a jewelry,” the 30-year-old Talaboc told CDN Digital.

He shared that most of his clients are women who loves minimalist designs like script, micro portraits, and small floral pieces.

Talaboc started his career in 2013 but it was not until 2016 when he decided to make tattooing his main source of income.

The soft-spoken artist from Cebu City is a graphic-design graduate of the Cebu Technological University. 

But tattooing is more than just art for Talaboc. It has become an avenue for him to get to know inspiring stories and learn new things. 

“(The thing I love most about tattooing is) meeting new people, hearing stories about why they want to get this ink and learning. I am constantly learning and that excites me everyday,” he said. 

“Tattooing is more than  just doing the art for me.  There’s a different kind of energy my client and I share during the session,” He added.

Talaboc recently opened his new private tattoo studio—the Cornerstone Tattoo Studio.


Jello in action.

With the pandemic still lingering, Jello shared how tattoos helped a lot of his clients during these challenging times. He said it has truly lived one of its purpose, which is to express art and oneself.

“Most of our clients are getting their tattoos because they want to feel good amid the crisis,” he said.

Here are samples of Jello T’s works:








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