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Kris Aquino tells Mark Leviste: ‘I no longer feel the need to keep communication lines open with you’

File photo of Mark Leviste and Kris Aquino.

Mark Leviste and Kris Aquino. Image: Instagram/@markleviste

Kris Aquino has asked Batangas vice governor Mark Leviste to stop reaching out to her, saying she is in a “more peaceful” state now and that they have grown apart because of their distance.

The Queen of All Media shared her “truth” by showing screenshots of her message to the politician through her Instagram Stories on Friday, Sept. 1.

“Marc, aren’t you tired of unanswered messages? It took me two weeks and a half to feel that I no longer really feel the need to keep communication lines open with you,” her message read.

“Whatever is going on in my life or in yours, parang nawala na the desire for me to know what’s happening with you or for me to keep you informed,” she added.

Aquino clarified to Leviste that she was not “influenced by anyone” but that she has just fallen back to her routine of reading books, newspapers and magazines, and “coping with the hardships [her] body must endure.”

“I want to remain polite but this is really what happens when we are so far from each other—people really do grow apart,” she told Leviste. “Thank you for keeping in touch BUT I’d really prefer if you don’t. It’s really a lot more peaceful now, and that’s always been my prayer. Serenity and peace.”

Leviste responded to the former actress, but only a part of his message was seen in the photo.

“I don’t know exactly how to respond to your message, but in my heart and in my head, I…,” he stated.

Kris Aquino

Image: Instagram/@krisaquino

Kris Aquino

Image: Instagram/@krisaquino

Kris Aquino

Image: Instagram/@krisaquino

In a separate Instagram Story, Aquino lamented how her relationship was made public against her wishes, all while she was enduring her painful medical treatments.

“Was I asking for too much when I asked for our relationship to stay private? Mahirap ang pinagdadaanan ko—I don’t wish this on anybody,” she said, disclosing that she is set to take a higher dosage of one of her medications.

“Pasensya na po, I’ve been so careful about staying ‘private’—I never posted details,” she added. “Ang problema, nagising ako sa katotohanan na kung talagang minahal ako, at alam na sumuko na ako sa LDR, bakit hindi kinayang ibigay ‘yung katahimikan na kailangan ko for my emotional wellness, lessened anxiety, and my chance for a peaceful healing journey?”

Kris Aquino

Image: Instagram/@krisaquino

Aquino and Leviste’s relationship was revealed to the public last May 18. After almost a month, Aquino asked Leviste for a “pause” as the politician left California—where the former actress currently stays for her medical treatments—to return to the Philippines.

Despite ending her relationship with Leviste, Aquino gave him a ring which, according to her, symbolizes their “love and friendship.”


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