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Paul Jake Castillo’s act of kindness to a child touches mom’s heart

By: - September 14, 2023



CEBU CITY, Philippines— A child’s innocence and the generosity of others just reminded us of how simple actions can go a long way.

Belle Albero, mother of three-year-old Sander Albero, was slightly embarrassed but mostly touched by the simple act of kindness shown to her son during a random encounter they had with celebrity couple Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad in a grocery store in Mandaue City, Cebu on September 13, 2023.

Albero shared on her Facebook page, Mommy-ries, how Paul Jake and Kaye Abad made her son’s day with a simple slice of pizza.

NANILINGAN NILA PAULJAKE UG KAYE PA GYUD 😅LOOK: This three-year-old boy in Cebu City reminded everyone of how amusing…

Posted by CDN Digital on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

“He was running around S&R and confident ra ko na makita ra nako siya. Naulaw kaayo ko kay kalit ra siya nilingkod sa ilang table and nikab-ot sa pizza,” Mommy Belle recalled.

(He was running around S&R and I was confident I that I would keep an eye on him. I got embarrassed when he suddenly sat on their table and reached out for a slice of pizza.)

Belle said she didn’t realize yet at first that it was Paul Jake on the table.

“Sige ra ko sorry and say no need to give him pizza, I just took the picture to show my family na nag attempt siya get ug pizza,” she said.

(I just kept saying sorry and that there’s no need to give him pizza, I just took the picture to show my family that he attempted to get a slice of pizza.)

It was a couple of minutes later when it dawned on her that it was Pinoy Big Brother winner Paul Jake who was also munching on pizza with his family.

“My husband was in the counter paying for our groceries, and when he came and said sorry and thank you sa ilaha. Ana si Paul Jake, okay ra na kay ing-ana pud akong anak,” she added. (Paul Jake said, ‘it’s ok, my child is like that too.)

Little did Paul Jake know that his simple act of kindness meant more than just a slice of pizza for Albero.

It’s because last year, Sander had a health scare, wherein his family thought they were gonna lose him.

“I know this is irrelevant to what happened yesterday but I just wanted to share God’s goodness and love because Sander is a miracle baby. We almost lost him last year. Mao ng important kaayo ang kindness sa amoa kay we don’t know what people are goung through and traumas we are carrying,” she said. (That’s why kindness is important to us because we don’t know what people are going through and traumas we are carrying.)

This act of kindness of Paul Jake proves that simple actions can really go a long way in creating an impact in someone’s life.

Pizza anyone?



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