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Mickey Ablan regrets not being a more ‘diligent father’ to daughter Yzabel

Yzabel Ablan, Mickey Ablan, and Janna Dominguez

Long-time couple Janna Dominguez and Mickey Ablan mourn the death of their eldest, Yzabel. Images: Instagram/@jannadominguez77 and Facebook/Janna Dominguez

Mickey Ablan, partner of “Pepito Manaloto: Tuloy ang Kuwento” actress Janna Dominguez, regretted not being a more “diligent father” to his daughter Yzabel, who died recently due to “sudden heart failure and lung infection” earlier this month.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, but which netizens re-uploaded online, Ablan wondered if things “would’ve been different” if he had brought his daughter to the hospital once she had her “first breathing attack.”

“If only you told me ganon kalala breathing attack mo (your breathing attack was that severe) the night before you passed away Ate Yzabel Ablan, maybe the outcome would have been different. Why tell your friends lang,” he said.

“You should have told me. Ako ‘yung andon (I was there) that night you had your first breathing attack. I should have brought you agad sa hospital that Friday night. I should have been more diligent,” he continued.

Image: Screengrab from Facebook/Mickey Ablan


Ablan then apologized to Yzabel for not giving her enough care prior to her death, instead of simply relying on her inhaler and medicines at the time.

“All I gave you was your inhaler and water, and have you checked up with a doctor online who gave you garbage [medicines]. How stupid can I be! I’m so sorry, my baby girl Yzabel. Please forgive Daddy. I love you,” he wrote.

Dominguez announced the death of Yzabel, who died at the age of 20 last Oct. 7, which happened on the same day she gave birth to her son. She was laid to rest five days later at La Pieta Memorial Park in Angeles City, Pampanga.

The death of Ablan’s daughter was also mourned by Iwa Moto, who served as her stepmother “for a couple of years.”

Yzabel is Ablan’s daughter from a previous relationship, but was treated by Janna like her own child as they’ve been together for over a decade.

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