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‘Crush ka ba talaga ng crush mo?’ Here are telltale signs to take note of


Would you know if someone has a crush on you?

CONSOLACION, Cebu–As the old running quote says, “Love is like a rosary, full of mystery.” 

But is love truly and entirely shrouded in mystery?

Love may be the ultimate mystery to others, but luckily, it leaves behind a trail of clues. 

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And, like a detective on the loose, we often piece information together and form some thoughts from there. However small, every actions our crushes make will definitely define the “spark” that you’re currently feeling. 

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering whether your crush sees you as more than just a friend, fear not, ka- Siloys! We’ve figured out the hack in knowing Cupid’s plans, and collected clear signs that your crush might actually like you.

Frequent Messages with your crushie? Sana all!

If they reach out to you often, whether through texts, calls, or social media, even though your classes and work have ended, it’s a strong sign of interest! Imagine someone wasting their time for you just to make you feel heard. A Bullseye for the dedicated!

Watch out for that Body Language

Watch for your crush’s body language every time you hang out with friends, or even just the two of you together. Does he sustain eye contact longer than he should be? Casually pulls you from the sidewalk when walking? and slowly mirroring your gestures? You got yourself a crush right there!Although, there might be times that your crush’s way of showing affection is the opposite way around. Like always playfully teasing you on trivial things and annoys you throughout the day. It could be subtly amusing and peculiar, but well, some individuals are naturally wired that way – indecisive and unpredictable.

Initiating Plans on Going Out/ Being Alone Together

When your crush takes the initiative to plan outings, coffee dates, a walk with your furry buddies and even goes the extra mile to weave you into their adventures with their friends, it’s like they’re literally holding a neon sign flashing, “I’m really into you!” And if you’re lucky, it will be the perfect timing to get to really know them back too!

Remembering Details

Picture this: Your crush not only remembers your favorite book, but they also bring it up in conversation weeks, or even months later. You just snatched a human who’s truly captivated by your every word. This will definitely help you in figuring out if they are really into you or not. We can’t even remember the things we did the past weekend but someone is taking note of it at your stead. How romantic is that?

They may hint some hints of Jealousy here and there!

If you’re ready for a bit of a risky adventure, embrace your “inner demon” and drop hints about potential romantic interests or mention spending time with others, especially from the opposite sex. If you notice a tinge of ‘selos’ in their reactions, as toxic as it gets, you got yourself a clue. 

Keep in mind that these signs aren’t guarantees, ka-Siloys, but they can be good indicators of someone’s interest in you. Don’t forget, in the journey towards finding love, it’s not as easy as how fairytales and romcom movies portray. Just live the life you want and are comfortable of. We never know, Miss or Mr. Right might pop up out in your doorstep any second after reading this article!


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