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Giant Dao tree in Tuburan: Nature’s gift worth keeping and protecting

CEBU, Philippines– Cebu it seems, never runs out of surprises. From its stunning beaches, unique fora and fauna, scrumptious delicacies, and eco-tourism sites, there is something waiting to be discovered in almost every nook and corner of the enchanting island.

Take the municipality of Tuburan for example. Located in the northwestern part of Cebu Province, the quiet town apparently does not just house clear creeks, beaches, and waterways, but also has one of Cebu’s oldest Dao trees. 

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Cebuana historian and culinary expert, Louella Alix, shares with CDN Digital her experience alongside some acquaintances upon their visit to the Dao tree on October 16, 2020, in Barangay Jagbuaya, Tuburan.

“I was romantic when posting photos of nature. But when confronted with the awesome visage of a century-old tree, I seem to grope for words,” Alix said in her post. 

In fact, it is not only Miss Alix who felt the same way as she did upon seeing the tree for the first time.

Under CDN Digital’s post, some ka-Siloys have also expressed their amazement at the giant Dao tree. So, pushing notions of supernatural beings present in the spot where the tree stands, cannot be avoided. 



Other ka-Siloys have made sure to tag their friends in the comment section, making sure to jot down their soon-to-be visited places.

With netizens’ growing interest in Tuburan’s Dao tree, it is likely to be asked if the mounting interest could be seen as an impending threat to the tree and the entire locality as well. This leads one to ask whether the Local Government of Tuburan has plans to save the tree’s grandeur or would the town which is also known for its aromatic coffee, would just leave the giant Dao tree in the open.

While the Dao tree initially stirred an unexpected wave of excitement among Cebuanos when they first encountered it online, there’s no denying that this remarkable tree, with its imposing presence, also holds within its branches a wealth of time and history.

A wealth that we may lose any moment from now. 

With that, Alix is also hoping that the government will do more to save the state of the Dao tree. 

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For those ka–Siloys who have seen the tree online, and are planning to visit it anytime soon, please remember to respect the Dao tree’s space and the tranquility of the area. 

Let’s save the majestic Dao tree of Tuburan just like it has been saving the locals during storms, floods, and rain. A responsible give-and-take relationship with Mother Earth will go a long way not just today but for generations to come. And hopefully not just for Tuburan’s giant Dao tree, but for all the treasures nature has so generously gifted mankind.     /rcg


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