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Samboan, Cebu has several waterfalls that’s worth visiting

By: - May 27, 2023

CEBU CITY, Philippines—If you’re looking for a summer destination in Cebu to beat the summer heat, the three waterfalls in Samboan town would be a great idea.

Samboan, a quiet town located around 140 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, actually has 11 waterfalls, but only three are open to the public as of this posting. These are the Aguinid Falls, Binalayan-Hidden Falls, and Dao Falls.

Ryan Galano, the tourism officer of Samboan, shared with CDN Digital that they are working to make more available soon as the town hopes to boost its tourism.

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But so far, the three open to the public is more than enough for a breathtaking experience in Samboan.

Aguinid waterfalls

Aguinid Waterfalls is located in barangay Tangbo.

This waterfalls has eight levels, which makes even more exciting to experience.

Trivia: What’s with the name? Well, it was believed that a certain “Aguinid” was the first inhabitant of the waterfalls who lived in the first level of the eight-tier waterfalls. But Auguinid disappeared and was never found again.

Cebu waterfalls

Aguinid Falls level three. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

One will get the best Aguinid experience by having to climb on the rocks where the water flows, braving the current of the water to get to another level.


Level six of Aguinid falls in Samboan. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Cebu waterfalls

Level eight of Aguinid falls. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Cebu waterfalls

CDN Digital photo

Level two welcomes tourists by making them climb on the rock formation and get the best view from the top.

Level two of Aguinid falls. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Level five, however, is a bit of a challenge as you would have to grab on to a rope as you climb on the side of a rock formation to proceed to level six.

Cebu waterfalls

This is how Level 5 of Aguinid falls looks like. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

This information might be intimidating, but once you complete the climb, you’ll surely be proud of yourself that you were able to complete this climb.

Entrance fee to the falls is at P350, which includes a life vest, helmet, and aqua shoes. There are also guides to help you through all the challenges. They were really helpful!

Binalayan-Hidden Falls

This waterfalls is located in barangay Bonbon.

Binalayan is the name of the sitio where the waterfalls is located.

The second level of the Binalayan-Hidden Falls. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

With three levels, this falls offers a more thrilling feeling for adrenaline junkies because once you reach the third level, there’s actually a spot where you can jump from.

This waterfalls is renowned for its picturesque scenery and impressive “triple drop” falls at its third level.


The third level of the Binalayan-Hidden Falls. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Binalayan-Hidden falls is still working on its first level as they are developing it to give others the choice to just sit and cool down.

Entrance fee is pegged at P100. It would take roughly 10-15 minutes to walk from the receiving area to the first level of the falls.

Dao Falls

Dao falls is located in barangay Suba in Samboan.

Among the three, Dao is the most difficult to get to from the receiving area. But once you get to the main falls, you won’t regret the long walk.

Heres why:

Dao falls

The majestic Dao Falls in Samboan town, Cebu. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Dao is one of the most favored waterfalls in Cebu because of its unique drop that will surely make your trek worthwhile.

Don’t worry about the walk though. From the receiving area, you will get to enjoy the scenery on your way to the falls. The walk will take around 30 to 40 minutes.

Dao falls

The walk to Dao falls will include challenges like this. CDN Digital photo | Brian j. Ochoa

On your way to falls you will be able to see two of the remaining Dao trees. This is where the falls got its name.

According to the local guides, the area was filled with these tall trees, which were unfortunately cut down by those who are after the tree’s sturdy trunk.

Dao falls

It may look difficult but the trek to Dao falls will be worth it. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Before reaching the falls, you can indulge into the blue natural pools where you can jump in and cool off before you get mesmerized by the falls that is set against a striking backdrop of warm beige limestone.

Dao falls

The walk to the main falls of Dao won’t be boring for sure.

The basin of the waterfalls is about four to six feet deep only.

While you are at it, do not be scared and say hi to Samboan’s other pride, the “ibids” or the green iguanas. You’ll see a couple on your way to the falls. But don’t worry, they won’t hurt you.


An iguana is seen at the creek bank of Dao falls. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Entrance fee to the falls is set at P200. A guide will also accompany you to the falls.

As you visit these waterfalls in Samboan remember to always leave no trace behind. What you can leave is a tip to your local tour guides as it would help them survive in this quiet town that banks on tourism.

Here’s an added bonus to your waterfalls chasing in Samboan.

Aguinid Falls is closed on Wednesdays, Binalayan-Hidden Falls is closed on Tuesdays, and Dao Falls is closed on Mondays.

This is to give locals a day to clean the surroundings of the waterfalls and to give nature time for itself even just for day.

So there, all you need now is to schedule a trip to Samboan to visit three of Cebu’s many waterfalls. A trip from Cebu City will take around 4 hours via bus or lesser if you have your own car.


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