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Michelle Dee gisaway ni Geneva Cruz sa iyang pagsul-ob sa iyang PAF military uniform

Geneva Cruz ug Michelle Dee

Geneva Cruz ug Michelle Dee

Pranka kaayo nga nisaway ang singer-actress nga si Geneva Cruz kang Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee kabahin sa iyang pagsul-ob sa iyang PAF military uniform.

Kini human mipakita si Michelle og mga hulagway gikan sa bag-o lang nga nahuman nga stop and salute flag-raising ceremony sa Rizal Park.

“To stand in solidarity at the #StopAndSalute ceremony as your Miss Universe Philippines and as Sergeant Michelle Marquez Dee was a moment of love & pride,” matud ni Michelle sa iyang social media post.

“To the youth, let this be a testament to the power of service. Serving as a public figure, an Air Force reservist and as someone who proudly raised our flag at Miss Universe, it was truly an honor to be the ONLY woman in uniform standing proudly alongside 40 uniformed soldiers.”   

Dugang ni Michelle, “I hope this serves as a message, to embrace our roles, no matter how big or small, in shaping our nation’s future. It’s our collective effort, passion, and dedication that make the Philippines a remarkable place to call home.”

“To the youth, dream boldly, act with purpose, and carry the Filipino spirit wherever you go. Together, we can make a difference, one salute at a time. #FILIPINAS #BAYANIHAN,” sey pa ni Michelle.

Apan wala gyud palabya ni Geneva ang iyang kadismaya sa paagi sa pagsul-ob ni Michelle sa iyang FAP military uniform.

Gipadayag ni Geneva, nga usa pud ka military reservist, ang iyang opinion sa iyang Instagram stories.

“I am proud of what she has accomplished for the (bandila ng Pilipinas), but it is our responsibility as reservists to wear and carry our uniforms properly as a sign of respect to the force, our nation, and our military men and women, most especially our active officers,” sey pa ni Geneva sa iyang IG story nga giapilan og hulagway ni Michelle nga kuha sa maong event.

Dugang niya, “Represent the country and the Philippine Air Force properly. Kaya hindi sineseryoso ang mga reservists eh. This is lousy, not snappy.”

Gipakita usab ni Geneva ang kumento sa usa ka netizen mahitungod sa pagsul-ob ni Michelle sa iyang PAF Military uniform.

“Hindi ako natutuwa dito. I don’t care if you represented the country for miss universe but for as long as you wear any military uniform, WEAR IT PROPERLY!!!!”

“Hindi talaga ako natutuwa dito LOUSY AS F…. Talagang binabastos na talaga ang uniporme namin. I condemn this to the highest degree!!” matud pa sa maong netizen.

Mitubag si Geneva, “Yun na nga po.”

Sa pagsuwat ning maong balita, wala pa mopagawas si Michelle sa iyang reaksyon sa maong issue.


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