Cherry Pie Picache gisakitan sa panagbuwag nilang Edu

Cherry Pi

Cherry Pie Picache (right) with son, Nio —CHERRY PIE PICACHE/INSTAGRAM

Giangkon sa aktres nga si Cherry Pie Picache nga nasakitan siya apan naka moved on na sa bag-ohay lang nga panagbuwag nilang Edu Manzano.

Ang pares nga unang nag date mga 20 ka tuig na ang milabay, mipainit ug balik sa ilang relasyon niadtong 2021 samtang nagkauban sa rom-com series nga “Marry Me, Marry You.”

Apan niadtong Mayo, namatikdan sa mga followers sa aktres nga wala na kini nag post sa iyang Instagram account nga kauban si Edu.

Niadtong Martes sa gabii, atol sa press conference of Zig Dulay’s “Firefly,” gikompirmar ni Cherry Pie ang ilang panagbuwag ni Edu.

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Ug sa dihang gipangutana si Cherry Pie sa mga reporters kung unsaon niini pag describe ang iyang Pasko karon nga wala na silang Edu — kung bugnaw ba kini, mingaw o alegre —ang aktres nagkanayon: “At my age now, I’ve already learned that I cannot depend on someone else for my own happiness. Besides, I also have to be whole or complete before I love somebody again.”

Kabahin kang Edu, niingon si Cherry Pie nga,’ “We’re very good friends. He’s a good person. We will always love each other. Our friendship is OK.”

Miyug-an usab ang aktes nga open siya to finding a new love. “Of course! Why not? But while there’s none, I have to learn to be happy on my own. Especially after the pandemic, we’ve learned so much about self-love, that we can’t define our happiness and self-worth based on other people’s standards—they have to be based on ours,” nagkanayon si Cherry Pie.


“Personally, I can’t complain. God has been good to me. He has been showering me with so much blessings,” ingon pa niya. “The pandemic has taught all of us to just love each other and help each other out. Today, with or without a partner, I have to be OK. I’m grateful for everything, but if you’re going to ask me if it was easy to move on, of course it wasn’t. But, yes, I have moved on.”

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Ang pagkaapil ni Cherry Pie sa cast sa “Firefly” usa usab sa mga blessings nga iyang gipasalamat sa Ginoo. “The script is very beautiful. I’m glad that Direk Zig asked me to join the cast even if mine is just a supporting role. It’s my first time working with him, but we’ve long been friends. We see each other often because we’re from the same circle—we’ve both done a lot of indie films. He knows that I have great respect for him and his work.”

She continued: “My role isn’t big, but it doesn’t matter to me. I always say, I accept projects depending on the story concept, the script, and the people I work with. I’m grateful to Direk and the production team for having me.”

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